Online course on wood’s green building benefits

To support builders and other industry professionals in their green building efforts, Green Builder College announces the availability of a new, comprehensive course on wood structural framing materials sponsored by iLevel by Weyerhaeuser. 

Participants can complete the course online at:  The course is comprised of five individual lessons of 10 to 15 minutes each.  iLevel experts in structural framing and sustainable forestry, along with builders experienced in green construction, discuss the role of framing in a green home.  Builders completing the course will learn about:  

• Green attributes of wood
• Purposes and advantages of certified lumber
• Benefits of using engineered wood products
• Techniques for reducing framing construction waste, and
• How wood framing can help builders achieve certification under major green building rating programs.
"We developed this course as part of our ongoing commitment to both builders and the environment," says Susan Swirsley, director of brand and customer marketing for iLevel.  "As green building continues to gain momentum, it’s one way we’re building support with our customers by providing practical information on environmentally responsible construction." 

Green Builder College is the first educational program to offer certification and continuing education to individuals in the homebuilding professions. It augments information provided in existing project rating programs so homebuilders and their employees can learn the science behind high-performance, resource-efficient construction.

"Working with iLevel allows us to engage builders with a course that is a convenient, user-friendly and authoritative guide to green structural framing materials and methods," says Sara Gutterman, chief executive office of Green Builder Media.  "It’s a great addition to our existing courses that cover all aspects of green building, from energy efficiency to indoor air quality." 

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