What do builders want?

New tools are dropping into builders’ tool boxes — or least onto their wish lists — faster than autumn leaves falling from the trees.

Coming recently from Paslode is the Roofer’s Choice coil roofing nailer. Developed by the engineers at Paslode after years of research, Model R175-C has more power, is more durable and enables more production than most of the professional coil roofing nailers on the market today.

The Roofer’s Choice coil roofing nailer has 20 percent more power to consistently drive nails flush through layers of roofing shingles. It also has a unique bumper geometry for consistent low-pressure return during rapid fire, allowing roofers to drive up to eight fasteners per second without waiting for the pressure to build back up. That’s a real time saver.

With its carbide tip nose, hardened driver and wear guards, this coil roofing nailer is more durable and requires less maintenance than the competition. Just as important, the bumper has been re-engineered for extended life. The Roofer’s Choice has tested to more than 600,000 cycles without failure — more than three times the life of ordinary coil roofing nailer bumpers.

Paslode engineers have made important design improvements to the upper piston valve, virtually eliminating a real job site problem — valve seizure under adverse environmental conditions such as dust, high heat and humidity.

And still more features

The Roofer’s Choice has a two-finger trigger for less fatigue and is well balanced, which means more control for the operator. It has a tool-less adjustable exhaust cap that easily directs dispensed air away from the user and it comes with an adjustable shingle guide that keeps roofing shingles straight and properly aligned for high quality work.

The Paslode Roofer’s Choice Coil Roofing Nailer, Model R175-C, weighs just 5.8 pounds, has a cycle rate of eight fasteners per second and a nail capacity of 120.

Additionally, it can drive any manufacturer’s coil roofing nails in lengths from 7/8-inch to 1 3/4-inch. It is available through authorized Paslode retail outlets nationwide with a suggested retail price of $265.

And from Milwaukee

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation recently added a new 4 1/2-inch side angle grinder to the V28 line of lithium-ion cordless tools. The V28 TM Grinder (0725-20) provides the power, durability and portability needed to handle a wide range of applications including cutting bolt, pipe, angle iron and grinding weld seams that iron workers, mechanical contractors, general contractors, plumbers and electricians demand.

With a 3.0 Ah, 28-volt lithium-ion battery, the 0725-20 delivers the speed (8,000 RPM) and power needed for fast grinding and cutting applications with longer run time. The overload protection and soft start features extend tool life for extreme durability. At only 6.8 pounds, this handy grinder provides a compact, lightweight solution without surrendering features or durability.

A large spindle lock allows for quick wheel replacement and a five-position tool-free guard aids in easy guard adjustment. Battery lock-out, a slide-on switch and an ergonomic side handle provide control and reduced user fatigue. As with other V28 batteries, a built-in battery fuel gauge indicates remaining run time, eliminating having to guess how much charge is left in the battery.

The V28 Grinder is available in a kit. The 0725-21 kit includes the grinder, lithium-ion battery/charger, grinding guard, cut-off guard, grinding/cutting wheels and contractor bag. The 0725-20 and 0725-21 are backed by Milwaukee’s five-year tool warranty and five-year/2,000 charge battery warranty. Suggested retail price is $365.

Look what Bosch started

In 2006 Bosch Power Tools & Accessories introduced the PS20 10.8V Litheon Pocket Driver and actually launched a new tool category. The Septemer Tool Talk column covered the new Makita 10.8V Lithium-ion cordless driver and cordless impact driver which are other entries into this category.

Everyone who has used the Bosch Pocket Driver has fallen in love with this handy cordless tool. I use mine almost every day. This year, Bosch takes the evolution of its ultra compact product family one step further with the introduction of the second generation PS20 Pocket Driver.

The new PS20 Pocket Driver is a result of feedback from a variety of users of the first generation pocket driver. Bosch increased both speed and torque and features 500 RPM and 100 inch-pounds of torque. This represents a 25 percent increase over the first unit. There is also a magnetized driving bit holder on the new unit.

In addition to these improvements, the new PS20 retains all of the qualities that made the original so popular — such as the LED worklight and electric brake — and does so at the same price,  around $120.

Quick charge, long life

Users can still count on quick 30-minute charge times and unparalleled battery life from the proven 12V Max Litheon battery platform. Bosch now refers to its ultra-compact Litheon battery platform as 12V Max. The change is due to lithium-ion battery voltage ratings that have been adopted in the marketplace since Bosch first introduced its ultra-compact Litheon products in 2006.

The new terminology, which replaces 10.8V, is meant to reduce confusion in the marketplace by clearly identifying tools that are rated at maximum voltage (12V) rather than nominal voltage (10.8V) by using the ‘Max’ designator. Bosch’s 12V Max Litheon batteries are 100 percent compatible with all past and future Bosch ultra-compact tools.

The second generation PS20 Pocket Driver comes with two 12V Max Litheon batteries, 30-minute quick charger and canvas carrying bag. The PS20 is covered by Bosch’s standard cordless power tool warranty and is eligible to be registered in the Bosch ProVantage 3-year Protection Plan.

This has impact

Bosch also offers an ultra-compact impact wrench — the 12V Max Litheon Impactor Fastening Driver. This tool has a number of features that make it truly worthwhile, including 3 LED work lights around the front end, 800 inch pounds of torque, 1800 RPM/3,000 BPM and aluminum gear housing with protective rubber front. The Impactor (PS40-2a) is almost identical in size and weight as the Pocket Driver but is about a half- pound heavier.

The Bosch Impactor also includes a spring loaded impact mechanism that reduces user fatigue. Bumpers on the side of the tool protect work surfaces and prevent slipping on sloped or irregular surfaces. A variable speed trigger with electric brake offers precise control. The Impactor comes with two 12V Max Litheon batteries, two 1.5-inch Power Drive Bits, 30-minute charger and canvas carry bag.

Suggested retail is around $150. The PS40-2a is covered by Bosch’s standard cordless power tool warranty and is eligible to be registered in the Bosch ProVantage 3-year Protection Plan.

In July Bosch introduced what may become the ideal do-it-all for users looking for maximum versatility in a small package. Bosch’s new PS30 12V Max Litheon Drill/Driver takes the company’s successful ultra-compact platform one step further with best-in-class speed and torque and a host of other features.

Probably the most noticeable feature is the PS30’s 3/8-inch three-jawed chuck. The new single sleeve chuck is designed to hold any conventional drill bit , from twist drill bits to Phillips driver bits. This compact drill/driver delivers 220-inch pounds of torque, more than twice the torque of any other ultra-compact drill/driver on the market. It has a 21 setting clutch.  This drill/driver also has a two speed drive train which delivers between 400-1,100 RPM.

The PS30 drill/driver is lightweight at 2.4 pounds. It has a soft ergonomic grip and a profile that is 50 percent slimmer than a standard 12V drill/driver. The small size makes it maneuverable in cramped quarters and a bright LED light offers more than ample illumination in low-light situations. The battery is compatible with all other Bosch Ultra-Compact cordless tools – PS10, PS20, PS40 and FL11.

The PS30 two speed Ultra-Compact Drill/Driver comes with two 12V Max Litheon batteries, 30-minute charger and canvas carry bag. Suggested retail is around $150 and should be available soon through authorized Bosch distributors. The PS30 is covered by Bosch’s standard cordless power tool warranty and is eligible to be registered in the Bosch ProVantage 3-year Protection Plan.

Ali’s newest Gator

Ali Industries, a producer of commercial and consumer abrasive products, recently introduced the Zip Sander under its Gator Finishing Products brand. This new approach to sanding combines comfort, performance and convenience in a smart and versatile shape that is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or the professional.

The innovative Zip Sander offers a wide range of features that makes sanding quick, precise and easy. With multiple grit hook-and-loop sanding sheets enclosed, the Zip Sander allows the user to take a project from rough sanding to the finest of surface finishing without changing sanders, just the sandpaper.

The Gator Finishing System, with its number- and color-coded sandpaper identification system, makes it easy for the first time do-it-yourselfer and the seasoned woodworker to use the right sandpaper grit every step of the way.

The Zip Sander is the perfect tool for sanding any surface and is great for removing paint, smoothing drywall, refinishing furniture, restoring floors, fine woodworking, arts and crafts and dozens of other sanding projects.

The Zip Sander’s unique handle design of high-density foam provides a comfortable, cushioned handle so the user’s hands are less tired and they can sand longer. The hook-and-loop paper change system securely holds the sandpaper and makes paper changes easy. The sander’s shape is designed to sand in tight spaces. Points and edges are ideal for corners and detail sanding.

The Zip Sander is packed with six sheets of hook-and-loop sandpaper, two each in grits for stripping (80 grit), sanding (120 grit) and fine finishing (220 grit). It is available nationwide at select retailers at around $12.99.

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