Creative reuses for construction leftovers and tear-off

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Repurposed materialsRural builders are resourceful souls, finding good uses for leftovers and tear-off. Now a company is making it into a business, with some interesting ideas for repurposing materials.

Repurposed Materials Inc. Denver, Colo., reclaims materials that have already served their original purpose. The items are then made available for a new life and purpose elsewhere.

Here are a few of the byproducts and subsequent reuses offered on the company’s website:

• Rubber roofing membrane repurposed as pond liner, roofing for sheds and garages, weed barrier, protection for hard surfaces and silage pit covers.

• Heavy-duty concrete pavers from commercial roof tear-offs repurposed for porches and walkways.

• Wood frames from product shipments repurposed for shelving, garden beds, small animal crates and baby chick pens.

• Old retired swimming pool covers repurposed as shade for horses, cattle, and plant life.

• Advertising billboards repurposed as tarps for hay equipment, pond and ditch liners.

• Scrap conveyor belting repurposed as flooring for barns, trailers, windbreaks and chute liners.

• Street sweeper brushes repurposed as back scratchers for livestock.

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