DBCI Achieves Safety Milestone

Georgia manufacturer remains accident free for 6 years

Douglasville, GA – Roll-up door manufacturer DBCI celebrated a milestone in July, marking six consecutive years without a single recordable injury. This monumental achievement encompasses over 850,000 hours worked.

DBCI.jpg“I’m proud of everyone in this organization,” says President Larry Miller, “Safety has become our primary talking point over the past six years, and to go all that time without a single injury is quite a feat. That doesn’t happen by accident; it’s a culture that has to be embraced by every single person here.”

Shipping manager Jucory Moon has been with DBCI over 13 years. “I think the biggest difference between now and six years ago is that now we care more,” he says, “We watch out for each other and talk things through.”

What is the biggest challenge to safety? “Getting too comfortable,” replies Moon, “It doesn’t take but one second to slip up. We have to engauge every day.”

DBCI is a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial-grade steel roll-up doors and self storage solutions. Headquartered in Douglasville, Georgia, DBCI also operates production facilities in Houston and Chandler, Arizona.

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