New Web site resource for deck builders

The Southern Pine Council launched a new Web site that gives professional deck builders information on building safe, durable real wood decks. “There’s a lot of information and misinformation out there about the pros and cons of using real wood versus composites, and we thought it was time to tell people why wood is still the best material available,” said Richard Kleiner, director of treated markets for the Southern Forest Products Association, which sponsors SPC.
The site – – explains why real wood is the preferred material, offers specification tips for Southern Pine decking, covers steps in the deck-building process, and more. Links to the American Wood Council’s Design for Code Acceptance: Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide appear throughout the site.
The site, which also features safety information, is available just in time for Deck Safety Month in May, to remind people that annual deck inspections can help prevent deck failures. For more information about Deck Safety Month, visit

The Southern Pine Council (SPC) is a promotional program sponsored by the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA),
a nonprofit trade association representing Southern Pine lumber producers. SPC is the leading source
of information about Southern Pine products for design-build professionals and consumers.

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