A new ‘take’ on warm, dry basements

When basement walls are insulated to their full height, moisture problems can crop up.

Cosella-Dorken Product says its new Delta-Footing Barrier stops moisture in basement walls right where it starts, at the footings of the house.

The three-ply impermeable membrane is placed on top of the freshly poured footings before foundations are poured, to prevent water from wicking up through the concrete.

The product was developed in response to builders’ concerns, the company says. Several jurisdictions in North America recently made full-height basement insulation mandatory. While saving energy, the new requirement also results in basement walls being enclosed by vapor barriers on the interior and waterproofing on the exterior.

Since it can’t easily escape, moisture can build up in the insulation, wood strapping and concrete foundation behind the vapor barrier to set the stage for mold, rot and decay.

Delta-Footing Barrier creates a capillary break between footer and foundation that keeps ground water from wicking up, entering and accumulating in basement walls. Highly flexible to accommodate the forming of keyways in the footer, it consists of an anti-slip surface, an impermeable polyethylene barrier and a polyester needle-punched fabric that provides maximum adhesion to the freshly poured footer.

Cosella-Dörken is the North American subsidiary of Ewald Dörken AG, a European developer and manufacturer of building, waterproofing and drainage products sold in many countries.

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