Energy pennies add up to big savings

Pennies — 41,599 of them. That’s how much the Jones family of Sugar Land, Texas saved in just one month on their energy bill once they upgraded their home’s old windows, HVAC system and attic.
Homeowner John Jones says, “$415.99 is an impressive energy savings in just a month. Before the home’s energy-efficient renovation our energy bill was $749.70 in August of 2008. Now, a year later the bill was just $333.71 for August of 2009 — that’s a drop of 55.5 percent!
 "We attribute much of these savings to the 20 Energy Star qualified Simonton windows that were installed in our house. The windows were constructed with Energy Tax Credit Glass packages so they’re certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to meet a U-factor rating of 0.30 or less, and a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.30 or less. These are the same energy ratings stated by the U.S. government that are required for homeowners to take advantage of the $1,500 energy tax credit as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.”
 Recipients of an Energy Savings Makeover project coordinated by Houston radio show host Gary Parr, the Jones family made many energy-efficient changes to their 2,800-square foot two-story home during the summer of 2009. A new tankless water heater, programmable thermostat, HVAC system, insulation and solar attic fans were added to the home, allowing their kilowatt hours to immediately drop more than 38 percent during the first month after the renovation.
 “If our family can experience these drastic savings with energy-efficient products then I believe it’s possible for any homeowner to achieve similar results,” says Jones. “Energy savings means more dollars in our pockets and a more comfortable living situation for everyone in our family.”
Green in Florida
 Dr. Anna Marie, health specialist for The Weather Channel and host of the nationally-syndicated Your Life with Dr. Anna Marie television show, isn’t surprised by the instant savings at the Jones home. For her Greenovation remodeling home project in Florida, she also selected energy-efficient vinyl windows and saw fast results.
 "The first thing we did was update all the single pane and metal frame windows and patio doors in this 1971 home,” says Dr. Anna Marie. “We selected Simonton Energy Star qualified vinyl windows and doors <>  for our project because I was impressed by their durability and easy maintenance. Plus, vinyl is green in the sense that it’s recyclable and serves as a great insulator.”
 Dr. Anna Marie replaced 14 windows and seven doors in Greenovation of Terra Verde, known as a showpiece demonstration home for green practices and products. “As soon as the new replacement windows were installed I noticed a dramatic change,” says Dr. Anna Marie. “Even though we were still under construction with holes in the house everywhere, there was a noticeable drop in the interior temperature during the heat of the day. The energy efficiency features started working the minute these windows were installed! That’s the kind of energy-efficient benefit that homeowners nationwide can receive when replacing their windows!”
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