Energy-efficient products

Airmaster  — This heavy duty wall-mounted air circulator uses the lowest watts per CFM, making it energy efficient for rural buildings. In oscillating or non-oscillating models, these 24- or 30-inch fans feature 1/3 HP, 115V, 3 speed, 1 Phase, totally enclosed ball bearing motors and die cast aluminum airfoil propellers for quiet operation. The fan can easily be installed by one person; and, with the patented modular motor end dome, maintenance is simple.  All Airmaster Heavy Duty models are UL and CUL listed and meet OSHA standards. Airmaster is a manufacturer of a complete line of air circulators, air moving and ventilating equipment.

Anco Products, Inc. — One-inch (R-4) Textrafine Condensation Control Blanket (CCB) is made from recycled textile glass fibers and ideal for protection of moisture control in post-frame and pre-engineered metal structures. It is odorless, will not accelerate corrosion and is resistant to growth of fungi and bacteria. Textrafine CCB is laminated with a white (PSP) facing. Glass and facing hold a rating from UL ASTM E 84 fire hazard classification with flame and smoke spread at no more than 25 and 50, respectively.  Textrafine CCB has an ASTM E96 perm rating of .02 (grains/ Hg).  Available in standard 48-inch wide x 100-foot long rolls, each roll has a 6-inch tab with double-sided tape for easier handling and to ensure a proper seal. It can be manufactured to specifications.

ATAS  — InSpire Wall System utilizes precision perforated metal panels mounted several inches from the building’s outer wall. The solar preheated air at the surface is “transpired” (drawn through the perforations) into the wall cavity via ventilation fans, which also draw the warmer air up the wall and either directly into the building or into conventional ductwork. Transpired air collection is a proven technology that reduces dependence on fossil fuels and saves energy costs.

BASF  Industrial Coatings  — BASF Industrial Coatings Solutions Group is a global supplier of a complete line of coil and extrusion coatings. Several finishing systems are available including Fluoroceram, UltraMet, EcoCeram and the industry-renowned heat-reflective Ultra-Cool coatings. Ultra-Cool coatings are energy efficient; EcoCeram coatings are Hazardous Air Pollutant compliant. BASF coatings are available in a full spectrum of colors and provide exceptional color stability, durability and flexibility.

BASF  Polyurethane Systems  — BASF polyurethane systems improve energy efficiency of homes and buildings, improve occupant comfort and climate control and allow HVAC systems to operate more effectively, which reduces CO2 emissions to the environment, saves energy and reduces energy bills.

Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing — Carlisle, a leader in air barrier technology, manufactures Barritech VP, a fluid-applied, vapor-permeable air barrier for use in above-grade wall assemblies. Air barriers, essential for a high-performing building envelope, dramatically improve energy efficiency, indoor comfort and longevity. Barritech VP offers an efficient and far superior alternative to conventional building wraps with a simple 1-part spray application, bridges cracks and seals around penetrations, creating a monolithic barrier.

Cornell Corp. — Insulation manufacturers since 1954, this Wisconsin company features Vent-Top ThermaCal Ventilated Roof Insulation that combines isocyanurate or XPS foam with a standard 1-inch airspace (larger airspaces available) and sheathing to create a 4 x8-foot nominal panel that provides both roof insulation and sheathing ventilation to cool a roof in summer, retard ice dams in winter;  ThermaCal Nail Base Roof Insulation that offers the same machined features as Vent-Top ThermaCal but with no air space for cooling; and the new ThermaRIM BLU Insulated Rim Board with Bluwood mold protection. Both Vent-Top ThermaCal and ThermaCal are listed by UL. Cornell offers roof insulation fasteners. Products are available at select lumberyards and building materials suppliers.

Enercept — This South Dakota company with nationwide distribution makes fully customized structural insulated panels with OSB skins on both sides of EPS foam. All rough openings are pre-cut and bucked in. Enercept panels are now available with FSC certified lumber and OSB.

EPS Buildings — Solid core buildings using structural insulated panels are Energy Star rated and offer designs with over 50 percent better R-values than stick-built projects. The Minnesota State Fair design home, for example, heats and cools for under 90 cents per day. EPS, located in Graettinger, Iowa, distributes throughout the Midwest, Pennsylvania and Colorado.
ESP Low-E Insulation — Among the advantages of Low-E Insulation are its non-toxic, polyethylene closed cell foam and aluminum design. Low-E is resistant to the transfer of heat through convection, conduction and radiation. They are easy to work with, versatile and superior in energy efficiency. ESP Low-E  Insulation products are designed for maximum energy and cost efficiency under slab, under roof, around duct work or wrapping the entire house.

Exteme Panel Tech  — Extreme Panels manufactures structural insulated panels (SIPs) for residential, commercial and agricultural buildings. SIPS, conducive to green building because of their energy saving properties, use OSB from fast-growth trees. Strategically located OSB mills limit shipping and lessen CO2 emissions. The super-tight envelope SIPS create reduced demand for energy and promote a healthy indoor environment. Increased energy efficiency does more to protect the environment than filling the home with so-called “green” products. Reduced demand for energy translates into a universal goal of decreasing greenhouse gases emitted into the environment.

Fabral  Solar SSR — A standing seam metal roof that harvests energy from the sun, Solar SSR is a green solution for metal roofing applications. The photovoltaic state-of-the–art, thin-film solar laminate produces electricity when exposed to sunlight. The flexibility and durability of these laminates make them ideal for metal roofs, where expansion, contraction and curving are considerations. Unlike polycrystalline photocells that are heavy and fragile, no roof penetrations and no additional structural supports are required. Laminates can be walked on, which maintains the roof’s overall serviceability. The panel/laminate bond is tested and proven to withstand winds of 160 mph. Solar SSR offers an ROI of 10 years or less and a 20-year warranty.

FischerSIPs  — Energy efficiency starts with FischerSIPs panels, available in sizes from 4×8 feet up to 8×24 feet. Order SIPs for walls and roof. FischerSIPs can pre-cut panels to match plans. SIPs were used on two of the first three LEED Platinum-rated homes. Pre-cut packages are numbered and ready to install when they hit the job site. Products boast R-values that perform 50 percent better than fiberglass. The company offers panels with pine tongue-and-groove decking applied at the factory and free estimates.

Hardcast   — Hardcast manufactures a full line of duct sealants and adhesives that can contribute toward LEED credit requirements. Products include rolled sealants, mastic sealants and water-based adhesives. Hardcast LEED compliant brand names include Aluma-Grip, Foil-Grip, Iron Grip, Flex-Grip, Versa-Grip, Duct-Seal, Roto-Tack, Booth-Tack, Speed Tack, Coil-Tack and Seal-Tack. With superior efficiency and durability, Hardcast sealants and adhesives are manufactured to exceed the highest performance and quality standards, providing an ideal solution for virtually any HVAC application.
Heliodyne   — Here’s a completely pre-packaged system for residential solar water heating. All components of the Solar Water Heating system are preassembled for quick “plug and play” installation. Installation usually takes one or two days. Once installed, the solar hot water system provides as much as 70 percent of the user’s domestic hot water need, greatly reducing the home’s CO2 emissions by approximately 30 percent. Heliodyne is available in all 50 states.

Ideal Building Fasteners — Posi-Vent is a universal venting system consisting of polyurethane foam with a vinyl coating. The passive system facilitates the flow of interior warm air through the ridge cap for energy savings in the summer months. Posi-Vent does not require the use of electrical energy to power it, thus providing additional energy savings. Posi-Vent conforms to the most popular metal panels for a universal fit. Its exclusive closed cell foam seal on the front edge forms a weather tight stop against rain and snow.

Innovative Energy — Innovative Energy carries many reflective insulation and radiant barrier products that help reduce energy costs. Because products have facers that reflect radiant heat by 95 percent or more, heat transfer is kept to a minimum, making interior comfort levels easier to maintain and reducing the workload of cooling units. Reflective products decrease interior lighting requirements by as much as 35 percent. They are easy and safe to install and come in many sizes and structures.

Insulation Solutions — As a company built around innovation, Insulation Solutions offers products that save time, money and increase energy efficiency. Product categories include reflective insulation, radiant barriers, vapor/radon barriers, spray foam accessories, radiant heating accessories, house wrap and more. Whether the need is high performance under-slab insulation like Insul-Tarp, a versatile foil/bubble wrap like Space-Age, an economical radiant barrier like Radiant-Shield, or an innovative house wrap like Wraptor Plus, Insulation Solutions has an energy efficient solution. 

Insulfoam  — This company manufactures R-Tech, a high-performance insulation designed to provide superior dimensional stability and compressive strength for a variety of applications.  Available in panels and an innovative and cost-effective fanfold design, R-Tech can be used on a variety of re-roofing, below-grade, below-slab and wall applications. Manufactured with lightweight expanded polystyrene, R-Tech provides easy handling and installation and significantly reduces labor costs. With no formaldehyde or CFCs, R-Tech is also eco-friendly and features a 100 percent recyclable foam core.

JanAire, Inc. — PolyVent curtains are designed to keep barns warm, lighted and draft-free. Their secret is six inches of dead airspace within the curtains. That airspace creates an R-value of 3 and the transparent poly lets in natural sunlight. Because the PolyVent curtain fully seals against a durable Kynar-finished frame when closed, the product has none of the drafts that plague conventional curtains. It doesn’t flap in the wind like conventional curtains, so it’s quiet and ideal for riding arenas. PolyVent offers a significant energy savings over conventional curtains on confinement barns.

LiteForm   — This South Sioux City, Neb., company offers insulated concrete forms and worldwide distribution of the Lite-Deck Insulating Concrete Form system. And the Fold-Form Insulating concrete system under license from Fold-Form LC.

Major Industries — Energy-saving skylights and translucent curtainwall from Major Industries add light — naturally — to projects of any size. Illuminate warehouses, agricultural buildings, educational, commercial and retail projects with energy-saving sunlight. Major’s skylights and translucent curtainwall, backed by industry-best warranties and 28 years of experience and innovation, are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to artificial lighting. Daylighting needs are covered with Guardian 275 translucent panels (that control glare and UV rays) and Auburn Standard skylights (cost-saving acrylic domes that can be on-site within days).

Marco Industries  — Weather-Tite LP Ridge Vent is a low-profile ventilation system designed for metal building roofs. LP replaces other types of more traditional ventilation systems. Its low profile makes it totally invisible from curb distance while still preventing moisture from entering a metal building. A double bead of adhesive applied to the closure material makes installation as easy as peel-and-stick while providing insect-tight seal.

Metacrylics   — Among the highest in Cool Roof Rating Council ratings, Metacrylics is a U.S. Green Building Council member and meets California’s Title 24 and LEED requirements. Metacrylics’ monolithic, seamless roof system is a layered blanket of elastomeric acrylics, encapsulating a tough stitchbonded polyester fabric. Class A fire and 105 PSF wind uplift ratings by Underwriters Laboratories testify to Metacrylics’ toughness. Metacrylics is permanent and virtually unaffected by time; simply re-coat to renew the warranty.

MeTecno USA — MeTecno USA now offers insulated and single-element standing seam roof panels. The 1000 Series, an insulated version of the standing seam roof, is offered by both MeTecno USA’s API and ASI Divisions. The mechanically seamed system is ideal for low slope roof applications and is available in a labor-saving 42-inch width. MeTecno USA-Morin Division offers the SSR, single-element standing seam roof system. Panel widths extend from 12 to 18 inches with lengths exceeding 200 feet.

Met-Tile — “Cool roof” metal tile combines the look of tile and outstanding weather performance with energy savings. The roofing line features a Super Series 4800 Super Cool architectural coating system in 10 colors, with solar reflectivity values ranging from 26 to 67 percent, meeting/exceeding Energy Star requirements. Met-Tile offers 230+ mph wind rating and complies with the most stringent codes, including the Florida Building Code and Miami-Dade County. Met-Tile is weather-tight, moisture-resistant and carries the highest rating (Class 4) for impact resistance, the measure of a roof’s ability to withstand hail damage.

Nationwide Chemical Coatings — Permakote Silver Seal is an elastomeric acrylic, ceramic filled, aluminum silver metallic protective coating designed for metal. It uses a latex, water-based formula that has waterproofing, insulating and reflective properties. It forms a durable rubber-like protection shield that expands and contracts with varying temperatures, and resists thermal shock.

NOFP  — The Ohio company makes high performance reflective insulation and under-concrete insulation for commercial, agricultural and residential construction. RigidBoard’s rigid EPS foam core with reflective foil with thicknesses from 5/8 inches to 7 inches and lengths from 8-16 feet and longer is ideal for applications where higher R-values are required. MicroFoil is a 1/4-inch thick flexible multi-layered core with reflective foil facings for new or retrofit projects. Barrier and BarrierXT is a 3/8-inch or 3/4-inch extruded EPS foam core with moisture barriers laminated to both sides used as an under concrete insulation and vapor barrier. MicroLT is a 1/8-inch thick flexible polypropylene core with reflective foil facings.

Palram   — Sunlite polycarbonate multi-wall sheets offer better insulation than regular flat sheets for both roofing and side-lighting applications because the panels allow daylight and warmth into the building. If keeping cool is the goal, some Sunlite SolarSmart products feature solar properties that reflect, block, or absorb infrared radiation, help reduce heat gain and allow light transmission. Palram’s SunSky polycarbonate sheets also can be used for side-light and skylight applications. SunSky matches most corrugated metal profiles.

P2000  —  P2000 Insulation Systems, the 21st century’s new “green,” is environmentally friendly, recyclable and poses no health risks. Thin EPS foam board has a covering that reflects radiant energy, blocks moisture, prevents mold growth and conserves natural resources. The world’s largest independent tester of building materials (Intertek) conducted a 7-day, real-world performance test on four identical buildings. The building with R-20 fiberglass consumed 258.5 watts of energy, but the building with 1-inch P2000 consumed only 146.3 watts of energy, 40 percent less. P2000 was also selected for the Solarium Home project in Ferry, Pa. Of 20,000 houses tested, Energy Star says it’s the most energy efficient home in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

Perka Building Frames — Perka Building Frames use wood purlins and girts for the elimination of thermo bridging to pre-welding, pre-punched clips to easily receive energy-efficient P2000 Insulation. Perka Buildings optimize energy savings and minimize costs. Over time, savings may pay for the building itself.

Premier Building Systems  — Premier manufactures structural insulated panels, an eco-friendly, energy efficient construction framing option. With 60 percent higher whole-wall efficiency over traditional stick-frame construction, PBS SIPs are 100 percent recyclable and made from highly efficient EPS foam sandwiched between layers of rapidly renewable oriented strand board (OSB). Far more sustainable than older framing methods, PBS SIPs regularly get LEED projects from gold to platinum levels and qualify home/building owners for significant environmental tax credits.

Resisto (Division of Soprema Inc) — Resisto manufactures waterproofing products for roofing, foundations and construction details. Resisto also makes a full line of reflective insulation products marketed under the Ayr-Foil brand. Ayr-Foil, installed under metal roofing and in walls in post-frame and metal buildings, helps reflect heat and keeps buildings cooler while reducing condensation. Ayr-Foil products are 100 percent vapor barrier, easy to install and available in a wide variety of sizes including staple tabs and double sided tape for faster installation. Resisto makes a reflective anti-corrosion sealant to revamp metal roofs as well as aluminum coated waterproofing membrane. 

rFoil Insulation/Covertech — rFoil Reflective Insulation helps reduce heat gain/loss in metal buildings by stopping the transfer of radiant heat into or away from the structure. rFoil also provides a multi-layer vapor barrier as well as a consistent thermal break across its surface. This thermal break effectively stops vapor transmission and prevents interior condensation.

Reward Wall Systems  — Environmentally friendly iForm and eForm insulating concrete forms by Reward Wall Systems produce sustainable buildings that are energy efficient, durable and require little maintenance. The lightweight forms create less waste; scraps are 100 percent recyclable and require less fuel to ship. No ozone-damaging CFCs or HCFCs are generated during manufacturing; the forms contain no formaldehyde. Concrete, a renewable resource, saves trees. Reward Walls provide contaminate-free interior air, fire and storm safety, uniform temperatures and sound attenuation.

RoofMart International — The Garnite System is a leading roofing system for energy-saving roof products that provide fluid, applied, seamless, waterproof protective coatings. An official partner of the U.S. EPA/Department of Energy’ Energy Star Program, the company offers several products that are Cool Roof Rating Council approved. Energy savings up to 30 percent with payback periods as short as 21 months have been realized with some roof systems.

Southwall Technologies, Inc. — Heat Mirror insulating glass insulates against heat loss at a record breaking R-20/U 0.05 insulation value. R-20 Heat Mirror consists of three heat reflective coated films mounted inside an insulating glass unit between two pieces of low-e coated glass. This construction creates four heat-impeding gas-filled cavities and achieves R-20 performance when used in conjunction with a thermally insulated fiberglass frame. Heat Mirror R-20 is a product of Alpen Energy Systems, a leading Southwall customer licensed to fabricate Heat Mirror insulating glass. 

Space Ray — This North Carolina company has expanded its line of energy-efficient, unitized low intensity gas-fired U-tube heaters to 21 models, with capacities from 40,000 to 250,000 BTU/hr to meet a variety of industrial and commercial application needs. Space Ray heaters are suited for high air change environments and higher ceiling heights in industrial plants and warehouses, aircraft hangars, machine shops, weld shops, maintenance facilities, automotive body shops and dealerships, fire stations, restaurants, sports facilities and greenhouses. Available in both natural and propane gas, LTU series low-intensity U-tube heaters save fuel and reduce maintenance. Heaters are suited for mounting at 12 feet and higher, based on burner capacity. Some large capacity heaters have been installed successfully as high as 85 feet above finished floor.  Length of the heaters is from 17.0 to 27.5 feet.

SSHC, Inc.  — Manufactured by SSHC, Inc., Enerjoy Radiant Ceiling Panels save 30 to 50 percent over gas, oil and other electric heating systems as documented by the U.S. Department of Energy and NAHB. Lightweight, clean Enerjoy panels are green products, never need maintenance, no ductwork, are noiseless, dustless and odorless. Panels are available in various sizes, wattages and voltages. Used in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, they can be flush-mounted, recessed or used in a T-bar grid. Also available is the Heritage Bathroom Comfort Center, an all-inclusive heating system with heat, fan, light, nightlight built into the panel; unit includes wall thermostat.

TF System, Inc. — TF System vertical insulated concrete forms provide maximum energy savings in temperature-controlled structures. These forms are available in concrete widths from 4 to 24 inches and heights to 12 feet. ICF walls typically save from 24 to
45 percent on heating and cooling costs compared to conventional wall construction methods. Design professionals find that ICF construction can accommodate almost any owner requirement.

Thermal Design — The Simple Saver System by Thermal Design is the non-residential industry’s premier high R-value insulation system. The system is equally effective in bar joist, pre-engineered metal and post-frame buildings and can use fiberglass rolls, blowing wool or cellulose insulation to accommodate owner preferences.

Timberline Panel Company — Clients of this New York company believe in building greener, more sustainable and more energy-efficient homes for themselves and their families. Timberline structural insulated panel homes minimize the home’s impact on the ecosystem and reduce overall energy consumption. Timberline is the optimal choice for commitment to quality design, materials, production and installation; for its state-of-the-art SIP manufacturing facility, equipment and software; and for easy access to SIP answers and expert advice.

Topps Seal  — Topps Seal Liquid Applied Rubber roofing systems provide solar reflectivity of 90 percent-plus combined with 100 percent rubber for excellent resistance to chemicals and weather deterioration. It retains flexibility, will not become rigid, crack or peel even at temperatures of -40 degrees. An Energy Star partner, CRRC certified and approved for use in Miami-Dade County. Topps Seal restores and protects metal, asbestos, polyurethane foam, sealed and unglazed tile, concrete and other roofs. Lowers interior temperatures up to 20 degrees and more in summer. Fully adhered and seam-free. Warranted to 10 years.

United Coatings — United Coatings offers Kymax, a revolutionary elastomeric, Kynar-modified roof coating that provides the ultimate performance in reflectivity, color stability, chemical resistance and weatherability for new or existing roofing substrates. As a water-based product, Kymax features safe and easy application and is an economical, environmentally safe alternative to solvent-based urethane systems. Unlike traditional water-based roof coatings, Kymax is inherently resistant to dirt, fire and biological growth and provides superior protection against algae, mildew and industrial fallout. 

Valspar  Circle — The largest producer of coil and extrusion liquid coatings in North America, Valspar offers energy-efficient SR formulations available in all coil product lines. Coil systems include WeatherX SR, silicone polyester, Fluropon SR and Flurothane SR, 70 percent PVDF fluoropolymers and PolyKote SR polyester coatings. Valspar SR coil coatings are offered in an array of durable colors that meet LEED, EnergyStar and Title 24 criteria. Valspar offers energy-efficient Fluorospar SR to the extrusion market.

Vicwest  — For more than 100 years, Vicwest has been a leading maker of premium quality metal cladding, roofing and decking in Canada, redefining and setting standards in metal building construction and design. Vicwest metal roof systems are functional and architecturally attractive, offering contemporary designs for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings. Products include steel substrates, finishes, profiles and various roof assemblies

Winter Panel — A manufacturer of energy-efficient and durable structural insulated panels, Winter Panel features urethane or expanded polystyrene foam cores. During its manufacturing process, Winter uses an environmentally-friendly blowing agent, resulting in zero ozone depletion. No CFCs or NCFCs are used. R-values range from 15 to 38, with panel sizes of 4×8 feet to 8x 24 feet delivered anywhere in North America.

Wrisco Industries — The company’s Elite insulated structural wall and roof panels are composed of two outer skins of aluminum, wood, gypsum, non-asbestos, fiber reinforced cement board or other materials, laminated to expanded polystyrene core. Panels are 2 to 8 inches thick, 48 inches wide and up to 30 feet long. A 3-inch thick panel has R-value of 18. Elite holds seven patents on panel-to-panel joinery and ancillary aluminum and steel connecting extrusions, thermal or non-thermal. Buildings up to 30 feet wide require no framing and can be easily expanded or modified after construction. The majority of Elite products meet Florida building code requirements. With distribution in the U.S. and Canada, Wrisco plants are located in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas. n 

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