EPS builders achieve green milestone

Sixty-nine builder/dealers of Energy Panel Structures (EPS) were recently awarded the designation of Certified Green Building Professionals. The designation was awarded after completion of a three-day training program. This group is the largest group of certified professionals working under a single building manufacturer.  Also certified were six EPS regional sales managers.

 “We are committed to bringing green home building into the mainstream,” stated Chris Spaeth of EPS. “Today’s consumers are more educated about the green building process  and understand the long-term value that comes from incorporating green building into their construction projects. Green homes provide buyers with lower energy costs and incorporate green-building principles into the home without driving up construction costs,” said Spaeth.

Certified Green Building Professionals are able to measure a home building project against the best existing definition of green and sustainable home construction and incorporate green building principles into the homes they build.

The Certified Green Professional is administered by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) University of Housing. According to the standards developed through the NAHB, the design, construction, and operation of a green home must focus on energy and water efficiency, resource efficient building design and materials, indoor environmental quality, and must take the overall impact on the environment into account.

Located in Graettinger, Iowa, EPS serves the upper Midwest from Colorado to Ohio with a local network of more than 250 authorized builder/dealers. EPS is known for a diverse market of products from residential, agricultural, commercial, food processing and panel systems.

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