Fabral solar is ‘on top of it’

LANCASTER, Pa. — Fabral has a new integrated solar
system for exposed-fastener applications.  By integrating the Solar SSR, a
photovoltaic (BIPV) solar laminate, with Fabral exposed-fastener panels,
the ability to generate solar power becomes a viable option for post-frame,
residential and light commercial markets.

This new patent-pending application encompasses applying a Solar SSR panel
to a hemmed Fabral flat sheet and then adhering that system to an exposed
fastener panel such as Grandrib 3.  Just as with a standing seam
application, wires are placed under the ridge cap.  When exposed to
sunlight, the solar laminates produce electricity, even in high temperature
and cloudy environments.  Electricity generated by the laminates is fed
back through the electrical system into the power grid.

The enhanced efficiency, combined with government incentives, tax rebates
and renewable energy credits, provides impressive returns on investment.
To complete a customized Return-On-Investment (ROI) analysis online or
request more information, visit www.fabral.com.

Fabral supplies metal roofing and wall systems for
architectural, industrial, commercial post frame, residential and
agricultural applications.  Fabral provides nationwide coverage with
multiple manufacturing locations across the US.  Founded in 1967, Fabral is
part of the Euramax family of companies.

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