Product Profile: Fasteners

American Technical Fasteners
Amtech specializes in fasteners for the post-frame and metal building industries. The company carries a wide range of specialty roof and sidewall fasteners, from 304 stainless bi-metal and capped-head self-drillers for metal building systems and components, to 304 stainless self-piercing for post-frame. ProCoat polymer coating is applied to the entire line of carbon steel fasteners, providing protection against corrosion. Rounding out this specialized field are closure strips, pipe flashings, sealant tapes and custom color matching.

Atlas Bolt & Screw
Atlas provides worldwide distribution of a wide fastener selection for metal and wood applications, closure, ridge vent venting, tape, caulking and flashing. With corporate offices in Ashland, Ohio, Atlas has manufacturing and service facilities in Flat Rock, N.C.; Houston, Texas; Fairfield, N.J.; Salem, Ore. and Shenzhen, China.

DB Building Fasteners
The company moved to a new 20,000-square foot building in Ontario, Calif., in October. The new facility offers customers a larger and improved painting facility along with two paint ovens to assure a quick response to every special order received. Ultragrip Marutex Stainless Fasteners will not rust and are ideal for ACQ-treated lumber.

Dynamic Fastener
The company’s #9 metal-to-wood screw attaches steel up to 18-gauge to wood. It features a fast (1-1/2 seconds) drill time, Dyna-Coat 1,000-hour salt spray coating, and is available in 1-, 1-1/2-, 2-, 2-1/2-, or 3-inch sizes. Also available in stainless steel. The #14 metal-to-wood screw attaches sheet metal to wood or sheet to sheet — up to .048-inch thick steel. Dynamic’s in-house painting operation enables the company to custom match and paint most screws or rivets with a one- or two-day lead time.

DB Building Fasteners
The company moved to a new 20,000-square foot building in Ontario, Calif., in October. The new facility offers customers a larger and improved painting facility along with two paint ovens to assure a quick response to every special order received. Ultragrip Marutex Stainless Fasteners will not rust and are ideal for ACQ-treated lumber.

East Coast Fasteners
The Ply-Fast is designed for fastening steel sheet (29-, 26-gauge) to a wood frame, while the Ply-Fast Stitch fastens steel sidelaps securely and helps prevent strip out. Use Deepgrip for fastening steel sheet (29-, 26-gauge) through rigid insulation to wood frame or light steel framing. The Ply-Lo 410 is designed to fasten Galvalume and other long-life sheets to wood, while Ply-Lo fasteners are used to fasten sheet metal (29-, 26-gauge) to wood frame.

ET&F Fastening Systems
Sells hand-held pneumatic tools and hardened steel pin fasteners for attaching wood sheathing, fiber cement siding, gypsum sheathing, sill plates and other proprietary building products to cold-formed steel framing at the speed of nailing to wood. Can also be used to fasten above products to poured concrete and masonry substrates, eliminating the need to predrill.

Fastener Systems, Inc.
A customer service-driven distributor specializing in fasteners for the metal roofing, siding and insulated panel market. FSI stocks a complete line of self-drilling, self-tapping fasteners. Also available is Clip Fast, FSI’s line of self-drilling, low-profile architectural clip fasteners. All fasteners are available in custom color match.

Fasteners Direct
Distributes a variety of fasteners to the construction industry.

This Massachusetts company’s LOK Line is a family of contractor quality construction fasteners used in a variety of wood-to-wood applications with no predrilling. Contractors can reduce installation time by replacing lag screws, through bolts and nails with these code-compliant, ACQ-approved fasteners. FastenMaster LOK Line includes TimberLok heavy duty wood screw, LedgerLok ledger board fastener, HeadLok flat head heavy duty screw, TrussLok multi-ply engineered lumber fastener and TrussLok-Z multi-ply dimensional lumber fastener.

ITW Buildex
A manufacturer of fasteners for the post-frame and metal construction markets. Available in SCOTS stainless, HTZ zinc, and HEX-Bonded head styles, all are complemented with a premium powder paint system for color-fast, durable service life. Last year Buildex introduced SCOTS and HTZ with a #10 diameter, Hi-Lo thread form, type 17 point and Climaseal finish.

JNJ Building Supplies
This Wisconsin company stocks any fastener needed for any post-frame building, all McElroy Metal colors and a full line of GRK Fasteners.

GRK Fasteners
The new Caliburn concrete screw from GRK is available in lengths from 1-3/4 to 5” and comes in three different head types. Like all screws for GRK Fasteners, the Caliburn is available with the exclusive Climatek coating and has a star drive recess.  The Caliburn also features a patented thread design which is far more aggressive than conventional high-low threads for concrete and masonry applications.

Ideal Building Fasteners
Offers fastening systems for post-frame structures, exclusive Dual-Grip or Dual-Grip SLT screws, no-leak neo nails, painted fasteners from a large inventory, and an extensive stock of closures, butyl tape and pipe boot flashings.

Leland Industries
Leland is now producing gutter screws to 8-inch lengths in hex washer, oval and pan head styles, available powder coated to match trim colors. Powder coating over Leland’s haxavalent chromium free JS 500 plating surpasses 50 cycles in Kesternich testing with no red rust. For panel manufacturers and builders, Leland offers a finish that allows a warranty to match painted panel warranties.

Levi’s Nails and Screws
The Pennsylvania company sells post-frame screws and stainless steel screws for aluminum panels. Also available are nail or screw replacement screws, clip screws and self-drillers.
Maze Nails
Stormguard Double Hot-Dipped Galvanized Nails come with a lifetime warranty against rust. Maze offers a full line of specialty nails in bulk for hand driving and in collated sticks and coils for popular pneumatic nailers. Maze serves the post-frame industry with painted rubber washer nails for corrugated roofing and siding. In addition, Maze manufactures nails for fiber cement siding products, cedar and redwood siding, fencing, decking and roofing.

Marco Industries
Marco Industries offers a full line of quality metal-to-wood fasteners and superior self-drilling metal-to-metal fasteners. State of the art custom color matching along with 20 standard colors ensure the right color every time. Most importantly, the unique polyurethane paint provides an elastimer type finish that protects against chipping and fading.

Nudo Products
This Illinois company’s high impact thermoplastic drive rivets make easy installation of panels and fixtures on all types of walls and ceilings, securely fastening to most substrates (brick, stone, gypsum concrete, steel and lumber), and also grip behind wood or metal framework. Longer rivets are ideal for thick materials like cork and foam insulation block.

PAM Fastening Technology
The company offers global distribution of its collated fasteners for wood-to-wood, wood-to-metal and metal-to-metal applications. Screws are collated to fit in PAM’s autofeed screw system and include coated and stainless screws for ACQ wood applications, as well as self-drill screws for metal applications.

Precision Fasteners & Components
Precision, based in Florida and with three locations offering distribution throughout the U.S., carries all of the most popular colors in fasteners of all types with baked-on primer and baked-on finish coat, assuring a premium product at competitive prices.

Raytec LLC
Offering “everything you need to hang gutter,” Raytec manufactures Hangtite and Hangfast hidden hangers. Raytec, in Ephrata, Pa., is the source for self-piercing ¼-inch indented hex washer head screws in all popular sizes and colors, yellow zinc  screws rated at 200 hour salt spray testing, Rezist (ceramic coated) screws rated at 500 hour salt spray testing and 410 stainless steel screws.

Rosko Fastenes & Supply Inc.
Rosko Fasteners provides the Rx Driller for steel frame building systems and the Woody and Super Woody for post-frame building systems. Rosko post-frame building fasteners come standard with CR1000 Long Life protective coating at no extra charge. A computerized color matching system for painted fasteners can match anyone’s panels. Accessory items include closure strip, pipe flashings, sealants, tapes, rivets and masonry anchors. Ask about custom packaging to fit specific needs.

SFS intec
Manufacturer of fasteners for the post-frame and metal building industries, including SX stainless steel self-drilling fasteners and Evergrip stainless steel bi-metallic panel fasteners.  Offers custom color coating to match any panel and accessory products such as closure strips and ridge vent products.

Manufactures fastening and closure systems for the post-frame and pre-engineered steel building industries.

Simpson Strong-Tie
Strong-Drive wood screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling, thanks to a built-in reamer and a type 17 tip, which cuts the hole. The screws feature hex washer heads for easy driving with a 3/8-inch hex head socket and a low-speed drill. Simpson also offers its SDS Strong-Driver attachment that fits a standard drill to help speed up installation. Many Simpson connectors use these screws instead of through bolts.

Swan Secure Products
Offering an array of stainless steel and non-ferrous fasteners for the building industry, Swan Secure Products features the Timber Tamer screw with hex washer head and patented 4-corner thread form. While it’s not new in the Maryland company’s line of specialty fasteners, Timber Tamers now are available in sizes ¼” and 3/8” diameter with lengths from 1-1/2” to 12”.  Timber Tamers can be used for ledger board, timber framing, pole barn construction, log homes, gutter installation and landscape timbers to name a few.  The Timber Tamer is available in 316 stainless for ultimate corrosion resistance.

Titan Metal Werks
Titan manufactures SplitStop high performance wood and composite screws as well as the DeckEase Hidden Fastener. SplitStop screws, as the name implies, offer split-eliminating performance in even the hardest woods. SplitStop Titan III composite screw ends mushrooming and exceeds the expectations of those who have used other typically dual-thread composite screws. DeckEase Hidden Fasteners are the newest addition to the Titan line, offering low cost, ease of installation and extreme versatility of use in many thicknesses of grooved board.

Triangle Fastener
Triangle Fastener Corporation supplies standard and specialty fasteners, tools, sealants and accessories for the construction industry.  A complete line of fasteners for metal-to-metal, metal-to-wood, drywall and concrete anchoring is available from each of 24 locations.  Six in-house painting facilities can custom color match fasteners to exact requirements with delivery of three days or less. Triangle offers job-site assistance, technical assistance, Pak-One inventory management programs and product development.
Trufast is a manufacturer of engineered fastening solutions for commercial roofing, metal building and specialty construction applications.  Products include long life self-drilling and metal to wood fasteners, low profile clip screws, pipe flashing, closures and foam and tape sealants.

Westland Fasteners
This company custom manufactures a complete line of specialty fasteners for various industries, including agricultural, metal fabricating and manufacturing.

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