Fat, tall, wide and skinny: Ohio storage shed has it all in one space

Tall and skinny meets short and wide in Huntsville, Ohio, where Stevenson Construction built this toy shed for the owner’s recreational equipment. It required the marriage of two buildings: the main building is 30 feet x 60 feet x 10 feet, while the attachment is 20 feet x 40 feet x 18 feet.

Herb Stevenson project during construction

A skeletal view of the project during construction.

Necessity is the mother of invention and this Mutt-and-Jeff solution was requested so the owner could store his boat on top of his camper and avoid some of the repetitive chore of loading and unloading.

Herby Stevenson and Tony Green

Herb’s son, Herby, discusses building plans with crew member Tony Green during a break from work.

The two sections are Lester buildings that share a common wall of concrete. Lester engineers created a design to accommodate potential problems with snow loads where the two roofs meet.

The main section provides ample room for the remainder of the owner’s big boy toys. To keep them dry, DripStop was used to control the moisture caused by spring and fall thawing and freezing cycles commonly found in Ohio.

According to Herb Stevenson, owner of Stevenson Construction from nearby Rushsylvania, the building also features walk doors from A.J. Manufacturing and Clopay overhead doors. Both sections have 12 inch overhangs. For natural lighting, a skybelt of translucent panel covers the top of the west wall. Also at the customer’s request, posts were anchored on top of a concrete foundation wall with galvanized brackets. RB

Herb Stevenson finished building

The building soon after completion. Photo by Herb Stevenson

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