Fi-Foil celebrates 30 years of innovations as a reflective insulation manufacturer

Fi-Foil Company Inc. is celebrating its 30th year as a sustainable Florida manufacturer of high performance, cost effective reflective insulation products and systems made in America. Building insulation improves the energy efficiency of buildings, which addresses some of our nation’s most critical energy concerns, including the need for energy independence from foreign sources and the reduction of harmful greenhouse gasses by lessening our consumption of fossil fuels.

Fi-FoilThe Polk County-based company in Auburndale has a diverse line of green reflective insulation products for numerous applications in new and existing buildings for commercial, residential, agricultural and military applications. The products are easy to install and have green product attributes, such as Energy Efficiency and Recycled Content. Fi-Foil only uses third party verified product testing to substantiate its green and sustainable claims, certifications and practices, in accordance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines.
Fi-Foil 30Fi-Foil’s sustainability efforts have been rewarded as it has won several national and international awards for innovations in new products and systems, including the honey-combed gas filled panel product Attic Armor which won “Product of the Year” at the 2011 Global Insulation Conference in Toronto. Fi-Foil products have been installed in buildings across the United States and in many other countries worldwide.

Attic Armor
Fi-Foil continues to be a leader in the reflective insulation marketplace through its partnership with the Atlanta-based Southface Energy Institute (and Sponsor of EarthCraft Program), membership in the Florida Green Building Coalition, and collaborating with other like-minded building professionals on energy efficiency nationwide and internationally.
Fi-Foil provides leadership and service to the industry in order to advance the insulation technology. Bill Lippy, Fi-Foil’s President & CEO, has served as President and as a Board of Directors for the Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association – International. Currently, Lippy is the chairman of the Strategic Alliance Committee and RIMA-I’s Past President’s Advisory Council. Gene Bassham, Fi-Foil’s Technical Services Manager, serves on various task groups for ASTM International, an organization of industry peers that develop important standards for the insulation industry.
“Energy efficiency does not mean people have to make sacrifices, actually just the opposite,” Lippy said.  He continued: “Improving the energy efficiency of residential and commercial buildings has the added benefit of improving comfort for home owners and building occupants. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings produces jobs and improves cash flow for home owners and business owners.”
Lippy’s enthusiasm was bolstered by a recent report, Unlocking American Efficiency: The Economic and Commercial Power of Investing in Energy Efficient Buildings, in which the authors stated:
“The impact of a 30 percent improvement in U.S. building efficiency by 2030 would create a $275 billion market for advanced technology, engineering and design services, and construction activity in the U.S. alone. The energy savings would generate $34 billion per year for American businesses, net of investment expenses that could be passed on to consumers or used to hire more employees or invest in R&D or expanded production. Households would save an additional $23 billion per year that they could use to save for the future, invest in education, or spend on consumer goods or personal services. And federal, state and local governments in budget-constrained times would save more than $8 billion annually, equivalent to funding the National Science Foundation or nearly the entire annual budget for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  
Lippy added: “Imagine if a new clean source of energy was announced in tomorrow’s news that could satisfy 30 percent of the United States’ energy needs — think of the widespread impact to job creation, wealth and the environmental benefits. I believe that energy efficiency should be called a ‘Clean Energy Source’ for our country — the impact is real and is across all sectors.”
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