Free webinar: Beyond lead generation — developing leads that turn into sales in 2012

They say that “leads are the lifeblood of our business”! And they are right!

In fact, in a recent survey conducted with thousands of home services companies, 78 percent of respondents indicated that ‘consistent lead generation’ is currently their biggest business challenge. Wow!

But hold on … further investigation indicates that lead conversion (to sales) just might be the real issue here. We are talking about the whole process including generating the initial inquiry, setting solid appointments, achieved high ‘demo rates’ and finally closing the sale.

The successful companies of today are the ones that excel in ALL aspects of this marketing/sales process and realize that they are all interconnected.

Join Us for This Important Webinar on Lead Generation and Conversion!

That’s exactly what we will be discussing in this fast paced session presented by Dave Yoho and David Alan Yoho, from Dave Yoho Associates. You can increase your lead flow and you can lower your marketing costs. If you are currently struggling with Lead Generation and Conversion for your company… this session is for you! It will focus on what is really working in the field to generate leads and convert them to sales in 2012.

During this important webinar you will discover…

  • Why most scripts for lead intake and appointment setting fail and how to improve them
  • The reasons why most canvassing programs fail
  • How to make “radiation marketing” work every time
  • Solid ideas on how to sell against the “doom and gloom” prophesies of television and the press (especially in an election year)?
  • Benchmark statistics on acceptable percentages of your repeat, referral, rehash business in relation to your total How to effectively stimulate more “self generated” leads
  • The “how-to’s” of profitable “Face-to-Face” Marketing (canvassing, shows/events, showrooms, SFI)
  • A confirmation process which increases in-home presentation (demo) rates yet doesn’t offend your customer
  • Why you need to go beyond having a “rehash” program and the role your database plays
  • What role scripts play in converting a raw inquiry to a solid, set appointment
  • What is a nebulous lead? (and why you HAVE to treat them differently than other leads)
  • Much more!

To Sum Up… If you’re not generating enough leads for your salespeople AND/OR if your lead and marketing costs are too high, don’t miss this important educational event. Let us give you actionable ideas on how you can ‘go beyond lead generation’ and generate more leads that convert to sales!


  • Beyond Lead Generation: Developing LEADS That Turn Into SALES in 2012!
  • Presenting: Dave Yoho & David Alan Yoho from Dave Yoho Associates
  • When: Tuesday, January 31st – 11:00 AM eastern 
  • Who should attend: Owners, Managers, Sales/Marketing Staff
  • Where: Your desktop (all you need is an internet connection and a phone to attend)


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2 thoughts on “Free webinar: Beyond lead generation — developing leads that turn into sales in 2012

  1. Deborah Query

    Was very interested in taking this webinar “Beyond Lead Generation”, however I received information on Feb 2, 2012 and the webinar was scheduled for Jan 31st. Will this webinar we availabe again.