Building a better world

Giving back to the community is a way of life. It includes a willingness to find a way to say “yes” even if it’s easier to say “no.”

The companies spotlighted in this issue share a philosophy that is far from unique in the industry. Indeed, they are only a sampling of the community-minded builders, manufacturers and suppliers that do good — perhaps even great — things for others on a regular basis.

The spirit of kindness and generosity is needed in the world; it exists in plentiful supply. One only needs to know where to look for it.

Only a handful of those stories are told in the next few pages of this issue, but we’re confident that — if our readers find them enjoyable, helpful and inspiring — there will be many more to tell in future months and years.

We invite readers to send us tips and notes on other builders, manufacturers and suppliers in the industry that put their hands and hearts to work for the good of their communities. Not all the stories are big ones; not all the gifts and contributions amount to large numbers, either in dollars or in scope.

Sometimes it takes only a few extra hands or a few extra dollars to make an enormous difference in somone else’s life.

And yes, sometimes the deeds done in secret, with little fanfare and no public attention, are the most meaningful.

Rural Builder  and thank the individuals and companies in the five stories that follow for sharing their philosophies and experiences. We believe that a willingness to give back to the community in which one lives is a key to being a good citizen of the world. It’s clear, beyond a doubt, that many of the good-hearted people in this industry share this belief.

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• The spirit of rebuilding; Lester team helps NY group ‘pay it forward’

• Volunteers help share the future; Everlast Roofing finds way to give kids a chance

• Finding its charitable ‘niche,’ Simpson Strong -Tie fits well with Habitat for Humanity

• ‘Doing what you can do’ is Sheffield Metals’ way of being a good neighbor

• Storms no match for determined builders; John Wick Homes crew rolls up sleeves to help Parkersburg.

If your company has a story to tell in a future issue of Rural Builder, contact Renee DuFore Russell, editor, at 800-726-9966, ext 13644 or at

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