26th annual Gold Key Awards

Ahhh! The sweet glow of success!

Like a great work of art, an extraordinary piece of music or an exceptional wine, a moment of recognition is to be savored.  Earning the right to bask in the praise and recognition bestowed by their peers in the industry are 39 winners of the 2008 Gold Key of Excellence award.

While the awards are presented by Rural Builder magazine, the recognition comes from the voters who took the time to cast ballots for the businesses they believe exemplify excellence in the products and services they offer to the town and country construction industry. Ballots were cast at Frame Building Expo in Columbus, by mail and by e-mail.

True excellence is measured over the long run. Twelve recipients of the 2008 award have received this annual recognition 20 or more times. Of those, six have amassed perfect scores — 26 Gold Keys in 26 years.

Special congratulations to the Superb Six: CannonBall:HNP, Fabral, Klauer Manufacturing, McElroy Metal and Plyco. In the 20- to 25-time winner’s circle are American Building Components, Maze Nails, Wheeling Corrugating, AJ Manufacturing, Sukup Manufacturing and Wick Buildings.

The consistent excellence and well-earned pride that are hallmarks of this year’s Gold Key winners are seen in places such as trade shows, such as Frame Building Expo. There, the booths of Gold Key winners are busy with customers talking to their suppliers, folks they’ve known and done business with for 20, 30 maybe even 40 years. It doesn’t matter whether the companies have something new to show off (although they usually do) or if they’re just stopping by to say “hello.” Customers gravitate toward those they have been able to count on through the years.

On the jobsite, it’s easy to spot the doors, windows, fasteners, insulation, closures and metal panels that bear the familiar names synonymous with excellence. Rural builders know who they can trust to provide the products that will get the job done and please the customer.

There is no shortage of quality in the companies serving this industry. It’s evident as one turns the pages of this edition. These are the people who are committed to the builders who are shaping America’s rural landscape.

So whether it’s a first Gold Key or the 26th award, savor the moment!

Congratulations to all!

2008 Gold Key of Excellence winners:

AJ Manufacturing
Becker Specialty Coatings
Central States Manufacturing
Classic Equine
Dynamic Fastener
Energy Panel Structures
Everlast Roofing
Graber Post Building
Holmes Lumber
Innovative Energy
Klauer Manufacturing
Leland Industries
Marco Industries
Maze Nails
McElroy Metal
Metal Sales Manufacturing
MWI Components
North Star Metals
P2000 Insulation
Perka Building Frames
Perma Column
Post Protector
Rigidply Rafters
Starwood Rafters
Sukup Manufacturing
Triangle Fastener
Wheeling Corrugating
Wick Buildings
Woodstar Products

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