Product Profile: Green building products ’10

Coverlite corrugated MR 9-inch and MR 12-inch polycarbonate panels are designed specifically for the metal roofing industry and are environmentally friendly. Since the clear panels have a light transmission of 90 percent and the opal have a 52 percent light transmission, buildings use less energy during the day by allowing natural light in. UV protection on the sheets prevents sheets from yellowing which means the light transmission will remain high during its lifespan. Coverlite panels are 100 percent recyclable. During the installation process, scrap pieces can be brought to a local recycling center instead of being thrown into the dumpster.

ATAS International
ATAS InternationalATAS is a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, wall and ceiling panels that produces systems for commercial and residential buildings. ATAS also produces energy-efficient building envelope technologies that include products coated with cool pigmented paint, a transpired solar collector that utilizes precision perforated metal panels to preheat ventilation air via solar energy and a photovoltaic film for standing seam metal roofing that generates clean renewable electric energy. ATAS products may contribute to LEED credits, be rated by the CRRC and be Energy Star qualified.

Cornell Corporation
Cornell ThermaCalInsulation manufacturers since 1954, this Wisconsin company features Vent-Top ThermaCal Ventilated Roof Insulation that combines isocyanurate or XPS foam with a standard 1-inch airspace (larger airspaces available) and sheathing to create a 4 x 8-foot nominal panel that provides both roof insulation and sheathing ventilation to cool a roof in summer and retard ice dams in winter; ThermaCal Nail Base Roof Insulation that offers the same machined features as Vent-Top ThermaCal but with no air space for cooling; and the new ThermaRIM BLU Insulated Rim Board with Bluwood mold protection.

EcoFasten Solar
Simple Seal is a solution for the watertight penetration of face-fastened, ribbed-metal roofing. A cone-shaped compression fitting is milled in to the bottom of aluminum roof brackets. This feature causes the Simple Seal to be forced against the surface of the roof in a way that mimics the gasketed fasteners that hold down the roof itself. The Simple Seal has been tested extensively and meets or exceeds the requirements of all known building codes. Specify EcoFasten Solar for all roof mounting needs and know that your investment is secure.

Enercept SIPs

PP-Enercept SIPsIn one word, efficient. Enercept SIPs are efficient to build with, efficient to finish and efficient to heat and cool. Enercept panels feature a pre-installed connection post system that is more quickly erected, stronger and virtually eliminates thermal bridging. Rough openings are pre-cut and framed with an insulated header. Enercept SIPs are environmentally friendly, using less lumber than stick construction, producing less onsite waste and providing a better-insulated, airtight structure. Building with Enercept SIPs contributes to LEED for Homes Points in the areas of Materials & Resources and Energy & Atmosphere. The builders’ choice for structural insulated panels is Enercept.

Energy Panel Structures
EEPSPS is proving the energy efficiency of its solid core, insulated panels with two recent construction projects. After an expansion to the East Coast, EPS constructed a near-zero energy building at the Empire Farm Show in Seneca Falls, N.Y. The building earned an Energy Star rating of 48 and offers a 61 percent savings on annual energy costs. A second building was constructed at the Clay County (Iowa) Fairgrounds as an EPS Design Center. It earned an Energy Star rating of 50 and offers a 51 percent savings on energy costs compared to a stick-built home. Both buildings feature EPS SIP walls and roof, a loft, energy-efficient windows and a post frame porch. Located in Graettinger, Iowa, Energy Panel Structures serves the upper Midwest from Montana to Maine with a local, independent, authorized dealer network of more than 300. EPS has more than 70 dealers who are certified through the NAHB Green Building Program. EPS is known for a diverse line of complete pre-engineered building products from residential to agricultural, commercial and food processing.


FabralFabral manufactures a broad range of metal roofing and siding products that are not only architecturally appealing but also consistent with “green building” guidelines. In addition to many of the products being coated with Energy Star approved and LEED compliant, high-definition coating system colors, Fabral products are manufactured from substrates that utilize a significant amount of recycled material and are 100 percent recyclable. Every ton of steel recycled from Fabral roofs saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. Fabral can help gain even additional LEED points with their building-integrated photovoltaic solar systems.


Fischer SIPs
Fischer SIPSEnergy efficiency starts with FischerSIPs panels, available in sizes from 4 x 8 feet up to 8 x 24 feet. Order SIPs for walls and roofs. FischerSIPs can pre-cut panels to match plans. SIPs were used on two of the first three LEED Platinum-rated homes. Pre-cut packages are numbered and ready to install when they hit the jobsite. Products boast R-values that perform 50 percent better than fiberglass. The company offers panels with pine tongue-and-groove decking applied at the factory and free estimates.


Innovative Energy
Innovative EnergyInnovative Energy carries many reflective insulation and radiant barrier products that help reduce energy costs. Because products have facers that reflect radiant heat by 95 percent or more, heat transfer is kept to a minimum, making interior comfort levels easier to maintain and reducing the workload of cooling units. Reflective products decrease interior lighting requirements by as much as 35 percent. They are easy and safe to install and come in many sizes and structures.

Major Industries
Major IndustriesIlluminate interior spaces with controlled, natural daylight and take advantage of reduced energy costs and LEED credit opportunities with Guardian 275 translucent skylights and curtainwall and LightBasic value-engineered translucent curtainwall. Whether you demand industry-best warranties or simply need an economical and energy-saving curtainwall system, look no further.


Maze Nails
Maze Eco-Nails are proudly made in the U.S.A.  Scientific Certification Systems has independently certified the recycled steel and zinc content of Maze Nails and Maze Double Hot-Dipped Nails qualify for LEED certification.


MetannaMetanna strategically integrates the sustainability of lifetime maintenance-free metal roofing with green energy producing photovoltaic modules. The result is a system that allows for a practically unlimited supply of clean energy, mounted on the only roofing material that is 100 percent recyclable. Plus, the savings from lower utility rates and zero roof maintenance allows this amazing system to pay for itself over a 10 to 12 year period.

MFM Building Products
MFM BuildingPeel & Seal is an energy-efficient, economical, self-sealing roll roofing membrane designed for low slope/low pitch applications. This waterproofing barrier substantially reduces energy costs with an aluminized surface that limits solar heat gain to keep internal temperatures cooler. Peel & Seal aluminum and white meet Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency. Contact MFM for LEED information.

Murus Company
Murus Energy Star labeled Polyurethane, EPS or XPS foam core Structural Insulating Panels are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and configurations, with SFI-certified structurally-rated skins. Murus SIPs offer R-values ranging from R-16 to R-57, depending upon thickness and foam core type. Murus SIPs create a high-performance building envelope that will provide an energy efficient, more comfortable interior living environment while reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Murus SIPs potentially can contribute up to 25 points to LEED-NC, 46 points to LEED for homes and up to 40 points to NAHB’s Model Green Home Building program.

Nationwide Chemical Coatings

Enviro-3000 and Enviro-4000 are low odor, Zero V.O.C. (volatile organic compound), high quality, insulating ceramic, interior and exterior house paints. They are formulated with ceramic fillers that provide insulating and soundproofing characteristics along with a uniform, easy to apply, excellent hiding latex finish. When applied according to specifications, the Enviro-3000 Interior paint product line offers a 20-year limited material warranty and the Enviro-4000 Exterior paint product line offers a 15-year limited material warranty.


NOFP RigidBoardThe Ohio company makes high performance reflective insulation and under-concrete insulation for commercial, agricultural and residential construction. RigidBoard’s rigid EPS foam core with reflective foil comes in thicknesses from 5/8 inches to 7 inches and lengths from 8-16 feet and longer and is ideal for applications where higher R-values are required. MicroFoil is a 1/4-inch thick flexible multi-layered core with reflective foil facings for new or retrofit projects. Barrier and BarrierXT is a 3/8-inch or 3/4-inch extruded EPS foam core with moisture barriers laminated to both sides used as an under concrete insulation and vapor barrier. MicroLT is a 1/8-inch thick flexible polypropylene core with reflective foil facings.


Palram Americas
Palram Sunlite SheetsSunlite polycarbonate multi-wall sheets offer better insulation than regular flat sheets for both roofing and side-lighting applications because the panels allow daylight and warmth into the building. If keeping cool is the goal, some Sunlite SolarSmart products feature solar properties that reflect, block, or absorb infrared radiation, help reduce heat gain and allow light transmission. Palram’s SunSky polycarbonate sheets also can be used for side-light and skylight applications. SunSky matches most corrugated metal profiles.

P2000 InsulationP2000
P2000 Insulation, the 21st century’s new “green,” is environmentally friendly, recyclable and poses no health risks. Thin EPS foam board has a covering that reflects radiant energy, blocks moisture, prevents mold growth and conserves natural resources. The world’s largest independent tester of building materials (Intertek) conducted a 7-day, real-world performance test on four identical buildings. The building with R-20 fiberglass consumed 258.5 watts of energy, but the building with 1-inch P2000 consumed only 146.3 watts of energy, 40 percent less. P2000 was also selected for the Solarium Home project in Ferry, Pa. Of 20,000 houses tested, Energy Star says it’s the most energy-efficient home in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Delaware.

Petersen Aluminum

Petersen AluminumPetersen’s new PAC Solar Series integrates cutting-edge photovoltaic technology with the durability of a standing seam roof system. Thin-film solar laminate is fused to the surface of the metal panel substrate to create a green solution for energy generation. PAC Solar Series is available on these Petersen profiles:  Snap-Clad, Redi-Roof, Tite-Loc, Tite-Loc HS and Tite-Loc Plus. Solar Series roofs provide payback in 10 years or less and offer a 20-year warranty.


Premier Building Systems
Premier Building SIPsPremier manufactures structural insulated panels: an eco-friendly, energy-efficient construction framing option. With 60 percent higher whole-wall efficiency over traditional stick-frame construction, PBS SIPs are 100 percent recyclable and made from highly efficient EPS foam sandwiched between layers of rapidly renewable oriented strand board (OSB). Far more sustainable than older framing methods, PBS SIPs regularly get LEED projects from gold to platinum levels and qualify home/building owners for significant environmental tax credits.


Resisto (Division of Soprema, Inc.)
RmaxResisto manufactures waterproofing products for roofing, foundations and construction details. Resisto also makes a full line of reflective insulation products marketed under the Ayr-Foil brand. Ayr-Foil, installed under metal roofing and in walls in post-frame and metal buildings, helps reflect heat and keeps buildings cooler while reducing condensation. Ayr-Foil products are 100 percent vapor barrier, easy to install and available in a wide variety of sizes including staple tabs and double-sided tape for faster installation. Resisto makes a reflective anti-corrosion sealant to revamp metal roofs as well as aluminum-coated waterproofing membrane.


rFoil Insulation/Covertech
rFoil Reflective Insulation helps reduce heat gain/loss in metal buildings by stopping the transfer of radiant heat into or away from the structure. rFoil also provides a multi-layer vapor barrier as well as a consistent thermal break across its surface. This thermal break effectively stops vapor transmission and prevents interior condensation.


Eco-Max insulation is the only truly environmentally responsible and energy-efficient, rigid thermal insulation in the industry. Eco-Max is the first of its kind to incorporate a minimum of 8-percent, rapidly-renewable materials through a Natural Oil Polyol component. Eco-Max utilizes a CFC-, HCFC- and HFC-free blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential and negligible Global Warming Potential. Eco-Max delivers high R-values, is Energy Star rated, meets new ASHRAE 90.1 standards and helps you qualify for LEED credits. Use Eco-Max in any unexposed wall insulation application and cut energy costs the environmentally responsible way.


Roof ClampSecure solar panels on metal roofs with the RoofClamp RC and RCT. The patent pending aluminum RoofClamp utilizes a stainless steel oval tipped screw that does not pierce or penetrate the panel so you can attach your solar energy without spending any green on costly roof leaks.

S-5! Solutions
S-5! SolutionsS-5!’s family of attachment solution clamps are the only solutions on the market specifically designed to capitalize upon the benefits of 100 percent recyclable, lifetime-maintenance-free metal roofing systems, while protecting the roof panels from penetration, leaks and subsequent degradation. Now, thanks to the new S-5-PV Kit, a 30-year clean energy source is able to join with a 30-year green roof, and the S-5! zero-penetration technology creates the most sustainable roof system available for alternative power generation.

SIPs Team USA offers more than 25 years of experience in the industry, manufacturing panels in its 60,000-square foot production plant in the Southeastern United States. SIPs Team USA has jumbo panels measuring 8×24 feet for quick construction. Products from SIPs Team USA offer a superior insulation envelope with low air infiltration, resulting in a system that is 30-50 percent more energy efficient than stick-built.


SnoBlox Eco-Blox recycled plastic snow guards are the industry’s first recycled snow guard made from 100 percent post consumer polycarbonate. This version of the trusted SnoBlox Deuce model is made with green materials. Now you can be green and still know you are using a trusted and proven snow guard model even though the materials are comprised mostly of recycled 5 gallon water bottles and compact discs.


Tek Supply
TekSupplyEasily install Solar Fans in the attic, garage, barn, greenhouse, office building, workshop and more, to cool while protecting your building from mold and mildew. Fans are fully assembled, include panels and require no wiring or cutting. Choose between our Gable-Mounted Solar Fan, which measures 18 inches high x 18 inches wide, and our Roof-Mounted Solar Fan, which measures 26 inches high x 26 inches wide.


Therm-AllUnlike most reflective insulation products that use a plastic/polyethylene core, Reflect R is constructed using fiberglass insulation with foil facers. The fiberglass content can contribute towards LEED points as described in MR Credit 4.1 and 4.2 for recycled content. In addition, because of our nationwide locations Reflect R may contribute towards additional LEED points as described in MR 5.1 and 5.2 for regionally manufactured materials. The use of a soluble water base adhesive to laminate the final product together is the final step in producing a truly environmentfriendly product.


Thermal Design
The Simple Saver System by Thermal Design is the non-residential industry’s premier high R-value insulation system. The system is equally effective in bar joist, pre-engineered metal and post-frame buildings and can use fiberglass rolls, blowing wool or cellulose insulation to accommodate owner preferences.


The Thermo Rotation heating system routinely reduces fuel consumption by 30-50 percent. The Thermo-Cycler system pulls the “waste heat” trapped at the ceiling level and puts that to use before your furnace calls for more fuel. Ideally suited for open spaces, the Thermo-Cycler system is a perfect heating option for buildings 2,500 square feet and larger. Models are available for natural gas, propane, heating oil and hot water. For larger buildings, the Thermo-Cycler heating and ventilation system routinely qualifies for the U.S. EPAct tax deduction program as well as many local utility energy conservation incentive programs.


Triad Corrugated Metal Inc.
Triad Corrugated MetalTriad is a metal roofing system manufacturer that’s both energy and environmentally conscious. Many roofing systems are Energy Star certified and meet the requirements of the Cool Roof Rating. TCM metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable and a percentage of TCMs’ raw material also come from recycled steel.


VianceEcolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood is protected with a revolutionary, non-metallic preservative plus a wood-stabilizer system, offering the natural beauty of real wood combined with superior weathering protection and fastener performance. The stabilizer system enhances the dimensional stability of the treated wood, improving framing performance while reducing waste and culls. Ecolife was awarded the NAHB Research Center National Green Building Certification as a “Green Approved Product,” and is eligible to contribute points toward certification of a building under the National Green Building Standard.


Woodstar Products
WoodstarWoodstar, a member of the Aldo Leopold Foundation, has been practicing the philosophy of “waste not, want not” since its inception in 1977. Woodstar is committed to continue the practice of using self-renewable building materials and reusing and recycling all off-fall and waste materials. Building with wood has the smallest impact on the environment before, during and after construction, according to findings by the Canadian Wood Council. Products constructed of wood reduce energy use, use fewer natural resources and decrease environmental impacts overall.

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