Hydroswing announces new strategic partnership with GS Global Resources

Carlsbad, California –  Hydroswing® North America, a world leader in single panel hydraulic door systems, has announced a new strategic partnership with GS Global Resources (GSGR).  Since 1972, GSGR (headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin) has been at the forefront of fluid power and electronic controls for industrial and machine customers around the globe.Hydrowswing-logo

Hydroswing’s fast paced growth inspired the company to develop a long term relationship with an agile manufacturer, and determined that GSGR was the right choice. Some of the world’s most recognizable industrial and mobile machine OEMs have trusted GSGR for continuous technology and innovation transfer. GSGR combines the outstanding component design and systems integration that ensures Hydroswing hydraulic doors are manufactured with the most state-of-the-art and streamlined designs.

The unprecedented hydraulic engineering from GSGR will also be the foundation of the upcoming Hydroswing “Parts Store.” With over 7,000 Hydroswing doors in use worldwide, and some being installed almost a decade ago, it was important for Hydroswing to address replacement cylinders and upgrades. “With a partner like GS Global Resources, we are able to revitalize the aging fleet of doors and refurbish them to like new condition.” says owner Marshal Parker. “This partnership will bring us incredible in-house expertise and allow us to optimize our existing products while propelling us into the future.”

Working as a team, Hydroswing and GS Global Resources will create innovative and reliable hydraulic technologies and continue to change the face of the door industry. For more information about what’s new at Hydrowswing North America please visit www.hydroswing.com, email enquiries@hydroswing.com, or call 800.404.4937.

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