Leland Industries moving in bolt manufacturing

Leland industries Inc., a Scarborough, Ont., based manufacturer of nuts, bolts and screws is today unloading the first of 20 truckloads of bolt manufacturing equipment acquired from a defunct Winnipeg based Company.

Since 1984, Leland has continually grown and expanded.  From a start in a rented building, with 3 employees, the company has become one of the largest fastener manufacturing companies in North America, with over 150 employees, and eight sales offices and warehouses across Canada and the USA.  The purchase resulted in one of the largest moves of production equipment in recent history. The first truckload carrying the major component, (one of two, 120,000# bolt making machines), was unloaded at the Scarborough plant today.   The load was moved by an escorted truck over a period of six days from Winnipeg to its new home at Leland’s Scarborough plant.  When installed, Leland’s bolt making capacity will expand to include bolts from 1/2-inch diameter up to 7/8-inch x 6 inches.

Byron Nelson, President and founder of Leland Industries, directed loading and unloading of the equipment which will be used to produce bolts for the North American and European markets.  Nelson stated the already overcrowded plant will require an expansion beginning this year, providing new opportunities and job creation for the company that has already grown into a 155,000 square foot facility with more than 150 employees.

“At a time when many fastener companies have closed or moved jobs and equipment to China, it is refreshing to see that Canadians can compete and flourish in the international marketplace,” Nelson says.

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