Maze celebrates 165 years, 1848 – 2013

Maze Nails is celebrating 165 years in business.  The company began in 1848, when Abe Lincoln had recently been elected to Congress and the California gold rush was in full Maze_bldgAMER_LOGOswing!

Maze is now in its 6th generation of family ownership. 

According to 5th generation company president, Roelif Loveland, “It is because of our customers’ great support and enthusiasm for stocking, selling and using our meticulously engineered and manufactured line of specialty nails 100 percent Made in the USA that we are still in business today.” 

 Cem-Photo-Front-3---LettercraftSince being featured on the Diane Sawyer ABC Made in America series, Loveland notes that “proud Americans from every part of the country have called in support of Maze – and our commitment to making quality nails right here in the USA.  The Made in America series has created a trend and a passion to keep jobs in America.  As one of the last remaining nail manufacturers in the U.S., we are proud to support the “Buy America Challenge. 

“If builders, contractors and remodelers simply purchase 5 percent more American made building products, a whopping 220,000 jobs would be created right here in the U.S.  Let’s join the efforts to rebuild America… nail at a time!”


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