MCA working with IBHS on wind test research

In its most recent newsletter, the Metal Construction Association reports that the organization is working with the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) to provide design and materials for roof/building wind-load testing that was scheduled for late March.

zz-MCA.jpgMCA is part of a major research program looking into the actual roof loading of a metal building structure under various wind profiles.  The testing will be used to compare the loads placed on the roof components compared to the loads and performance seen in the conventional ASTM wind uplift testing.

The work at IBHS will be supplemented with research at University of Western Ontario using an identical roof profile subjected to ASTM E1592 testing in various regions on the roof. Ultimately, the testing will be part of a rebuttal to the ASCE-7 higher wind pressure coefficients being introduced.

It is anticipated that these higher wind loads proposed by ASCE-7 will increase the cost and materials required for roof installation and MCA hopes to minimize that impact keeping metal attractive as a construction alternative.

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