McElroy U: Here’s a course on choosing a metal roof

In May, McElroy Metal introduced an educational video series on its website titled McElroy University.  The McElroy University videos were created to assist consumers in making educated decisions when shopping for a metal roof. 

“Purchasing a metal roof can be a difficult process because there is limited performance-based information available in the marketplace.  We launched McElroy University to help make the purchasing process easier, and educate consumers before shopping for a contractor.  The main consideration for consumers is to recognize that all metal panels are not created equal.  The specific substrate and coating of a metal panel has a direct correlation to service life and long-term customer satisfaction” said Ken Gieseke, vice president of marketing for McElroy Metal.

The McElroy University video series consists of 6 chapters that will educate consumers and help them understand the basics of shopping for a metal roof and to recognize the various types of substrates, coatings and warranties that will be presented to them.  These videos, while primarily intended to educated consumers, can be a valuable resource to contractors, suppliers and lumber yards as well.

“We are sharing with contractors and suppliers how we are educating consumer and therefore better prepping them for the sales process and the questions consumers may ask of them. We also believe that many contractors and suppliers will use the video series to educate their own employees,” states Gieseke.

The videos can be accessed by visiting or  DVDs of the video are also available from any McElroy representative or by calling the Marketing Department at McElroy headquarters, 1-800-562-3576.

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