Mighty Metal: Living in a House of Steel

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Private residence, Bellingham, Wash.

General Contractor:
North Cascade Builders LLC, Bellingham

Rudy Veland, Bellingham

Interior designer:
Kimberly Larrabee, Walkers Floor and Home, Bellingham

Metal roof panels:
ASC Building Products, West Sacramento, Calif.

This single story, 1,500-square-foot residence was designed for a couple wanting a contemporary look that was economical and environmentally friendly.  The architect suggested using steel because of its durability, design flexibility and affordability.  The cost savings achieved in design and erection of the home was significant.  Concrete flooring with radiant heating and a predominantly southern exposure help maintain consistent temperatures year round.  The structural integrity of this home offers a solid defense in areas subject to seismic events or extreme weather conditions.

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