New church, old values

Clinton, Iowa’s new 24,000- square-foot church, which celebrated its first Christmas  in 2009, is actually five churches in one.

“A new church was a long-time coming,” said the Rev. Tony Herold of the Prince of Peace Parish.

“Our parish originally had five separate churches, and they were all about two blocks from each other. All five churches were in need of renovation, so we decided to go with one new church instead of maintaining upkeep of all five buildings.”

The design required state-of-the-art metal framing and roof systems which were provided by Point Builders, an authorized Varco Pruden builder in Davenport, Iowa.

Point was chosen because it offers complete design, construction and development services with four Iowa locations. Point’s expertise covers all types of low and mid-rise non-residential construction, including: office, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, commercial, retail, educational, religious and municipal.

“We wanted natural light and the design and use of pre-engineered metal allowed us to do that,” said Herold. “The church is bright, and it has a contemporary feel with a traditional style.”

Steel meets the needs

The Prince of Peace Parish chose a design from RDG Planning & Design architect, Randall Millbrath, whose plan fulfilled the parish’s requirements. Millbrath’s design was energy efficient and handicap-friendly as well as captured the look the parish wanted for its new church.

Millbrath’s design also allowed for the use of pre-engineered metal, making the project less time-consuming and more cost-efficient.

The Victorian-style interior has a traditional church atmosphere accented with beautiful woodwork and furniture from the old churches. The church’s modern exterior has prairie-style architecture that reflects the agriculturally-based environment of Iowa. The roof has a number of angles and slopes which create a dramatic appearance.

One look at the various geometric shapes of the roof would tell you everything you would want to know regarding the complexity of this structure,” said Chris Wheeler, vice president of Point Builders. “The building system is actually broken into 10 separate segments designed as one. Each segment represents a different design that relates to roof slope, size and geometry.

Endless possibilities

“By utilizing Varco Pruden’s pre-engineered building and roof systems, all of these distinct components were designed to structurally integrate and complement one another. This project truly represents the limitless possibilities that pre-engineered building systems can offer,” Wheeler added.

Prince of Peace Church seats 700 people, more than any of the other five churches. The seating is semi-circular, which creates an intimate environment during worship. A baptismal fountain, located in front of the main entrance into the chapel, is one of the church’s most distinguishing features.

“Baptism is a large part of our faith, and our members have especially taken to the fountain,” said the pastor. “In general, our members have been blown away by the completion of the church.”

The building also has an administrative wing with several offices, conference room, music room and reception area. On the opposite side of the building is a smaller wing with public restrooms, coat area, family room and kitchenette.

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