MetalWorks shingles qualify for tax credit

 Customers of TAMKO Building Products, Inc.’s MetalWorks Shingles may now be able to apply for up to $1,500 of Federal Energy Efficiency Tax Credits while getting a beautiful, state-of-the-art metal roof.
All MetalWorks Shingles in “cool colors” were recently named ENERGY STAR-qualified products, making them eligible for application for the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act federal tax credits of 2009. Each MetalWorks Cool Color product is also rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council.  Customers should see their tax professionals to ensure they qualify before making their product selection.
The MetalWorks Cool Color Shingles have an initial solar reflectance that meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR’s requirements of at least 25 percent and a maintenance solar reflectance of at least 15 percent after three years of normal use. The shingles’ high solar reflectance keeps the attic cooler and may help lower energy costs for the building.
To provide information on TAMKO’s Energy Star-qualified products to those customers interested in applying for the tax credits, TAMKO recently added an “ARRA Tax Credits” link to the bottom of its website
“TAMKO has combined the durability and trusted strength of steel with potential energy-saving technology and now customers can benefit from it,” says Stephen McNally, vice president of sales/marketing. “MetalWorks Shingles offer the combination of aesthetics and performance and are the ideal choice for residential and commercial buildings.”
MetalWorks cool color steel shingles offer homeowners, business owners and contractors a variety of styles and colors. StoneCrest Tile Steel Shingles creates the distinctive look of smooth, uniform tile in the cool colors Sierra Slate Grey, Quaker Green and Vermont Blue.
StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles is made of heavier gauge steel and has been double stamped for a more dramatic slate look that closely replicates the random finish of natural slate. It’s available in the cool colors Vermont Blue, Sierra Slate Grey, Quaker Green and Sequoia Red.
AstonWood Steel Shingles combine the warmth and appeal of cedar shingles with the strength and durability of galvanized steel to produce a roofing product which replicates the rich, deep hand-hewn texture of wood. It’s available in the cool colors Timber Brown, Sequoia Red, Canyon Copper Bronze, Vermont Blue, Forest Green, River Rock Brown, Sierra Slate Grey and Brite Red.

The MetalWorks cool color shingles are available in stock nationwide and are listed for UL Class A fire resistance, Class 4 impact resistance and come with a 50-year limited warranty.
TAMKO Building Products, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest independent manufacturers of residential and commercial roofing products (including Lamarite composite Slate and Shake, Heritage Asphalt Shingles and MetalWorks Steel Shingles), decking and railing products, waterproofing, cements, and coatings.  With nearly 65 years in the industry, TAMKO’s success is the direct result of teamwork and enduring relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.  Privately owned, TAMKO is committed to producing quality products with excellent product support.  For more information about TAMKO or its limited warranty, visit our Website at

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