Michigan residents take to the streets with mini pole barn in Lansing protest

Neighbors in a Lansing, Mich., community distressed over the looks of a company’s new “pole barn” addition have taken to the streets with their own “mini-pole barn on wheels” in protest.

Members of the Walnut Neighborhood Association have been upset with the design (or rather, the lack of design) of a 14,000 square foot addition at Niowave, Inc., a particle accelerating company, and have been attempting to get the company to change the façade to make it blend with the neighborhood.

The company is located within a residential area known as the Walnut Neighborhood of Old Town in Lansing. It is headquartered in a converted elementary school building, but according to various online reports, the pole-barn type structure was built on the school’s former children’s playground without public notice last summer. While officials have said that the company acquired the necessary building permits, still being debated is whether any building codes were violated.

According to a LansingCityPulse.com article, after failing to make any progress with the façade issue, the neighborhood association took to the streets with an 8×10 enclosed trailer made to look like a mini-version of Niowave’s new building. In place of Niowave’s traditional sign and logo: “Niowave — Accelerating your particles,” the protest version has a sign that reads: “Niowave —Accelerating Neighborhood Decline” with a dollar sign replacing the atom symbol in the logo.

The organization parked the portable pole barn in front of Niowave’s main office building and has promised that it could show up in front of the homes of some of the company’s officers if no progress is made towards solving the façade issue.

The company has offered to use landscaping to cover the building, but residents want a more permanent solution.


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