APA Releases Updated Guide on Moisture Resistant Wall Construction

Guide provides detailed information to help builders “Build a Better Home.”

APA – The Engineered Wood Association has updated its Build a Better Home: Moisture Resistant Wall Construction, designed to provide builders and homeowners with construction guidelines to protect their homes against damaging moisture infiltration. The publication outlines the primary sources of moisture in wood wall construction, leaks and condensation, and recommends methods to prevent its accumulation.  

Water can accumulate in walls from two sources: water leaks and vapor-laden air that produces condensation. Water leaks are caused by improper or missing flashing, improper installation of water-resistive barriers, and poorly designed or executed wall intersections and penetrations. Condensation in wall systems can also be caused by air infiltration. The publication illustrates methods to prevent moisture accumulation, including preventing leaks with flashing, caulking as a waterproofing component, and installing rainscreen walls.apa moisture resistance

Walls are an integral part of the weather-resistive system of a house. Designing and constructing wall details correctly, particularly around window and door openings, can prevent harmful moisture build-up whether the moisture originates from outside or inside the building.

Concerns about moisture damage and a shortage of well-trained construction trade professionals inspired this educational outreach program that educates builders, design professionals, and homeowners on how to properly install engineered wood materials used in residential construction to forestall moisture infiltration. APA’s Build A Better Home program provides instruction on best practices via technical publications, videos, and CAD details outlining proper moisture control techniques in construction applications, including cover groundwork, foundations, floors, walls, and roofs.

APA’s Build a Better Home: Moisture-Resistant Wall Construction publication is available for free download from the APA website at www.apawood.org/buildabetterhome. Printed copies of the brochure are also available for $1 per copy and can be ordered through the website.

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