Shootin’ yourself in the foot

Go West, young driver — “Not too long ago, we sold a bi-fold door to a rural builder in Buffalo. After the transport company driver gets to Buffalo, N.Y., he phones the builder to say he can’t find his place in Buffalo. The builder doesn’t understand why, because the contractor has the tallest place in town.

“There’s a good reason the driver couldn’t fimd the builder in Buffalo N.Y. The door was supposed to have been shipped to Buffalo, Wyo. Luckily the transportation company made this goof  — not us — which cost them a long trip west. — From George

‘Deep Pockets’ boss — “The biggest mistake I ever made was when one of ur best foremen was down and out. When things weren’t going well for him, I loaned him $2,000.

“In a matter of a couple months, he was working for someone else and t thi day, he has not paid back the $2,000 he owes me.” — From Henry

Dog-gone shame — “I had a customer in Ohio that I couldn’t get to pay an overdue $1,400 bill. I finally drove 250 miles to collect the bill in person.

“After I talked to the farmer, he finally wrote me a check for the full amount. I thanked him and started to drive out of his lane, when I felt a bump against the side of my pickup truck.

“When I got out, I saw that I had killed the farmer’s dog. I loaded the dog into my truck and drove back to tell the farmer what had happened and how sorry I was. He told me he understood and knew it wasn’t my fault.

“As I was leaving, I got to wondering if the farmer would get mad and stop payment on his check. So I sped to the nearby town and went into the bank on which the check was written.

“The cashier told me payment had already been topped on the check. The farmer must have gone to the phone right after I left and stopped payment.

“The mutt turned out to be a $1,400 dog because I never did get paid for the materials.” — From Glen

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