National Framers Council rolls out FrameSafe Version 2 Safety Program

The National Framers Council (NFC) continues its work to develop and implement best practices to help ensure framers leave the job site each day in the same health as they arrived.

Organized in June of 2013 as a council of the Structural Building Components Association, the NFC just released its second edition FrameSAFE Safety Manual Template (A Bilingual Guide for Safety on the Jobsite), a resource for framers to create their own OSHA-compliant safety program.

The second edition includes four new modules covering Proper Use of Extension Cords, Avoiding Electric Shock, Horizontal Lifelines and Rescue Planning.

In addition to the updated manual, FrameSAFE has a revised Orientation Checklist and Site-Specific Fall Protection Plan Template, five new Toolbox Talks and three new AHA templates.

The program requires a subscription, based on member-class levels. For more information visit

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