New Products: February 2011 Rural Builder

bora clamp edgeBora Clamp Edge
Bora, a product division of Affinity Tool Works, offers its Clamp Edge line of straight edge tool guides. By providing a solution for straight, accurate cuts, the Clamp Edge increases the versatility of circular saws, jigsaws, routers, biscuit jointers and other tools. Featuring a unique swivel head design exclusive to the Bora line, the straight edge is also able to clamp onto angles up to 22.5 degrees, offering more flexibility for all types of clamping and cutting. It reduces typical two-man cutting jobs down to just one. It also enhances worksite safety by allowing precise cutting to be achieved with a circular saw or jigsaw, rather than an open-blade table saw. The Clamp Edge is now available in three sizes to suit a variety of applications such as woodworking, cabinet making, professional carpentry and do-it-yourself.


Fabral has added the Roof Hugger System to their line of products. The Roof Hugger is a sub-purlin system ideal for retrofit applications, with no need for removal of the old roof. It features punched pilot holes for rapid fastening into existing support structurals;  achieves “thermal break” air space between old and new roof sheets; and allows for optional insulation and is laboratory and load tested on certified load charts. Fabral has also added Wafer Head Fasteners; and earth-friendly Colored Sealant to match the Fabral color line.

Henry CompanyHenry Company
Henry Company is leading the industry in integrating antimicrobial agents into its spray-applied air barrier technology.  Air-Bloc 31MR, Air-Bloc 32MR and Air-Bloc 33MR fluid-applied air and water barrier membranes incorporate a universally dispersed biocidal agent throughout the cured membrane, which helps to resist exponential proliferation of mold, mildew and fungus on the membrane’s surface.  It works by inhibiting enzyme reactions that mold cells use to produce energy for growth and reproduction. The resistance of the new Air-Bloc MR air and water barrier membranes to mold proliferation was determined using the industry-recognized test procedure ASTM D5590 and resulted in a zero growth rating for all products developed.  The antimicrobial agents also are nontoxic and free of solvents.

MFM Building Products

MFM Building Products Corporation has introduced a solvent-based product designed for one-step cleaning and priming of EPDM roofing systems. WeatherBond Multipurpose Primer is used on the surface prior to the application of Peel & Seal, a waterproofing roofing membrane. Peel & Seal is designed for low slope residential and commercial roofing applications and is ideal for waterproofing RV’s, campers and mobile homes.
WeatherBond Multipurpose Primer is available in one-gallon pails and requires no thinning. The product can be applied using a dry natural fiber rag or short nap paint roller. It is suitable to be applied in cold weather environments.

Carlisle ResidentialCarlisle Residential
Carlisle Residential has added a split-release liner to its Water & Ice Protection 300HT self-adhering roofing underlayment, making the product even easier to handle and install. WIP 300HT is a high-tensile-strength rubberized asphalt underlayment specifically designed to withstand temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). Ideal for use under metal including copper and zinc, WIP 300HT can also be used under synthetic tiles and asphalt shingles. The strong, skid-resistant membrane is available in either black or white, both of which provide protection from water penetration caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams.

CertainTeed has introduced a cost-effective gypsum board that improves acoustical performance and offers a high level of mold and fire resistance. The SilentFX has achieved a high sound transmission class rating of 50 and higher, and allows building professionals to achieve acoustical control with less material than traditional gypsum boards. The product consists of Green Glue, a viscoelastic polymer, that is sandwiched between two Type X fire resistant gypsum boards. Specially engineered to provide enhanced protection against moisture and mold with M2Tech technology, SilentFX is GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified. SilentFX gypsum boards are designed for use on interior walls and ceilings and can be used for new construction or renovations over wood or steel framing. The product is easy to install and finish in a conventional fashion.

AGC Flat GlassAGC Flat Glass

AGC Flat Glass North America has introduced a leading-edge glass technology called U4 4th Surface Technology, which dramatically improves the performance and energy efficiency of double glazed window units without adding more glass panes. The U4 incorporates a patent-pending pyrolytic low-E hard coating that can be installed on the fourth surface of an insulated glass unit. This enables manufacturers to use two low-E coatings in one double-glazed unit, resulting in an R5-rated glass package in a double glazed unit. U4 is easy to fabricate, requires no special tools, is extremely durable, and is easy to handle.  Moreover, it requires no edge deletion and can be tempered or heat-strengthened when needed.

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