New propane-fueled co-generation unit for homes, small businesses

Yanmar’s Propane-Fueled 5 kW mCHP Energy System, developed with support from PERC, cuts costs and emissions for homes and small businesses.



WASHINGTON (Dec. 19, 2012) — Yanmar America has introduced a new propane-fueled, high-efficiency micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) energy system that significantly reduces energy consumption. The small footprint, 5 kW mCHP, model CP5WN, can reduce costs in both commercial and residential settings, and works in conjunction with an existing energy system like a forced air furnace, boiler, or geothermal system.

The CP5WN is used to generate heat and electrical power in homes up to 8,000 square feet, and in businesses such as restaurants, small office buildings, small hotels, stand-alone establishments, and fitness centers. The CP5WN joins Yanmar’s propane-fueled CP10WN mCHP energy system, which serves larger applications with 10 kW of electrical output.

Yanmar’s CP5WN was brought to market with the support of the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). PERC promotes the safe, efficient use of odorized propane gas as a preferred energy resource through research and development, training, and safety programs.

“The CP5WN is a great new technology that builders can power with propane to offer their clients a market leading energy system,” Bridget Scanlon, director of residential and commercial programs with PERC, said. “PERC is pleased to work with Yanmar to develop innovative, efficient propane-fueled products.”

Combined heat and power systems use the waste heat produced during the production of electricity, so less fuel is needed to power a home or business. A combined heat and power system generates electrical power at the system’s location, reducing losses associated with electrical transmission.

Propane emits less than half the greenhouse gas emissions of electricity to produce the same amount of energy.

Learn more about combined heat and power systems with free online classes at PERC’s Propane Training Academy. The course “Impact of Combined Heat and Power Systems in Residential and Commercial Buildings” can be taken as a webinar or downloaded as a PDF.

In addition, the CP5WN will be on display in booth C2614 at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas from Jan. 22- 24, 2013.

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