New Simpson Strong-Tie fastener for pile construction in coastal areas

-Strong-Drive® SDWH Timber Hex-HDG screw Provides Installers a Faster, Easier and Safer Solution-

Pleasanton, California – Simpson Strong-Tie® has introduced the new Strong-Drive® SDWH Timber Hex-HDG screw that requires no pre-drilling and replaces bolt, washer and nut assemblies, saving installers’ time and cost. It is specifically designed to resist severe corrosion levels in heavy-duty marine and coastal applications, such as piers, boardwalks, structural pilings and docks.

Simpson Strong-TieThis .276″ diameter hot-dip galvanized screw features a SawTooth™ point and oversized integral washer, which eliminate the need for pre-drilling and a separate washer. Reducing the installation time with a fast, easy driving screw is particularly beneficial to installers who are either on a lift or suspended 15 feet off the ground drilling holes through 12-14” thick piles.

The screw’s hot-dip galvanized coating meets the requirements of ASTM A153, Class C, making it suitable for heavy-duty marine and coastal applications. Another key benefit is the ability to install it from one side of the pile.

“We developed this screw after talking to installers in coastal areas of the country where building codes require using structural pilings. We specifically designed, tested and now are manufacturing a hot-dip galvanized screw that will install faster than conventional bolts, saving time and money,” said Dr. Ed Sutt, Simpson Strong-Tie Vice President for Fastening Systems. “It’s exciting for us to be able to engineer and introduce a new product that our customers haven’t had until now. It’s especially gratifying that this new fastener will help them complete a difficult task faster and safer.”

The SDWH Timber Hex-HDG screw is available in five lengths, ranging from 4″ to 12″ and features a 3/8″ hex-drive head for secure driving. Click here for more product information.

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