New standard practice for installation of exterior doors in coastal areas

FMA/AAMA/WDMA 300-12, Standard Practice for the Installation of Exterior Doors in Wood Frame Construction for Extreme Wind/Water Exposure has been approved by the Window & Door Manufacturers Association, the Fenestration Manufacturers Association, and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

This standard practice covers the installation of exterior doors into residential and low-rise light commercial buildings, including mounting attachment types with mounting flange, exterior casing/brick molding, and box frame/non-flanged installation. The standard practice is specifically designed for installations subject to extreme wind/water climate exposure, particularly in the coastal southeastern United States.
The practice joins other FMA, WDMA and AAMA joint standard practices for window and door installation for extreme wind/water exposure.  This series of installation practices addresses the most common types of residential window and door installations. They also are meant to supplement the manufacturer’s installation instructions and serve as a guideline to contractors and installation professionals on appropriate techniques for fenestration installation to resist extreme wind and water exposure. Installation techniques described in these standard practices were tested on mock up installations at pressures up to 575 Pa (12 psf) using the ASTM E547 water test method.
FMA/AAMA/WDMA 300-12 is the culmination of several years’ work by a joint committee consisting of WDMA, FMA, and AAMA members. 

Copies of FMA/AAMA/WDMA 300-12 can be purchased at the WDMA online bookstore.

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