New Congress should bring improved business climate

Associated Builders and Contractors’ 2010 National Chairman Jim Elmer, founder and president of James W. Elmer Construction Co., Spokane, Wash, today issued the following statement on the results of the midterm elections.

“The results of this election signal a strong rejection of the out-of-control spending, federal government expansion and mismanagement of the economy over the past two years,” said Elmer.

“A cloud of uncertainty has hung over the construction industry as projects remain on hold while business owners brace for the next big government mandate or tax hike. Meanwhile, those contractors that are working are struggling to navigate their way through a maze of new burdensome regulations coupled with a hostile business environment,” Elmer said.

“It is our hope that this new Congress will bring fresh ideas to Washington and pave the way to create jobs, cut taxes and halt the big government assault on America’s small businesses so that construction and all other industries can get back to work,” said Elmer.

“Improving the nation’s business climate, while restoring fiscal discipline, is the real change we need to get the country moving forward,” Elmer said.

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