New products for builders

Leica lasers
Leica Geosystems —
The latest series of Rugby grade lasers from Leica Geosystems offers a powerful combination of efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. Rugby 420 DG (dual grade) and 410 DG operate from optional long-range, two-way remote control features that let users manage functions “on-the-fly.” The 420 incorporates a high power visible, red laser diode that generates an operating range of up to 3,600-foot diameter, the 410 up to 2,600 feet. The 320 Single Grade has a range of 3,000 feet.
The Rugby 420DG also includes a laser plane stabilization feature which ensures accurate and repeatable performance from morning until night and an electronic axis alignment feature for easy one-person alignment in the field, improving grade and set up accuracy.
All work with MC200 Depthmaster for excavators, MC1200 for motor graders, and control systems based on Leica CAB laser sensors for dozers, scrapers, box blades, and similar equipment.  Each gives up 130 hours of continuous operation.

New blades from Amana
Amana Tool —
Amana Tool, manufacturers of industrial-quality carbide-tipped and solid carbide cutting tools, adds new blades to its A.G.E. brand. The new blades include a range of diameters and provide excellent performance when ripping and cross-cutting a variety of soft and hard woods. A.G.E. blades are designed to be used in table saws or gang-rip saws and feature unique tooth geometry, special carbide grade and alternate top bevel (ATB) designs. A.G.E. wood-cutting blades are laser cut from virgin steel, then flattened, ground and tensioned. Carbide tips are brazed onto the blades, enabling smooth, accurate cutting.  Each step in the manufacturing process is computer-controlled and monitored by sophisticated inspection equipment to assure the tightest tolerances and superior quality.

Lightweight chisel hammer
Metabo —
Metabo Corporation, a manufacturer of professional grade portable electric power tools and abrasives for industrial, construction and welding applications, has introduced the SDS-max MHE 56 chiseling hammer for precision removal and chipping of concrete and stone. The tool’s D-support handle and compact design, only 18 inches long and less than 17 pounds, gives users more control over the tool, while the 14A motor provides powerful operation. This combination makes the MHE 56 ideal for use in a variety of specialized applications, such as removing tiles, ceiling décor or small walled sections as well as chipping out cement surrounding window frames. An easily engaged impact reduction switch that reduces power by 30 percent enables the chiseling hammer to be used for the removal of brittle or softer material.

Air seal helps stop leaks
Fomo Products Inc. —
Handi-Foam Air Seal is designed to stop air infiltration and enhance traditional insulation by coating and covering seams and small holes in the perimeter of stud wall cavities and by sealing seams between oriented strand boards.
A portable dispenser applies bead at a low expansion rate with the patented Handi-Gun Dispenser, Handi-Foam Air Seal application fast and easy.
Lower expansion leads to greater coverage and increased control, which lead to lower cost per job.
It cures completely tack-free in 30 to 45 seconds for added job application speed. Traditional insulation may be installed immediately.

Heavy-duty framing nailer
DeWalt Tools —
DeWalt, a manufacturer of industrial power tools, announces the launch of its heavy-duty coil framing nailer, D51855. The model is capable of handling a wide range of nail sizes, allowing users to complete more applications with one nailer.  Built for framers and general contractors, the D51855 can be used for structural framing, floor decking, roof decking, truss installation, furring strips, wall sheathing, pallet and crate manufacturing and fencing.

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