Nudo introduces high impact hurricane panel, Endurex 555

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois – Nudo Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Endurex™ 555, a high impact hurricane panel that is an advancement of the standard impact panel seen in the market today. Instead of using steel to provide impact protection, Nudo has engineered a lightweight, super-strong composite material that outperforms other products in the market.

Nudo logoHarry DeNegre, Nudo’s Vice President of Business Development for Architectural Panels, added, “We are pleased to expand our product offering to include the Endurex 555 line and look forward to the exciting outcomes that this product line will yield for the building industry. Nudo has long been a laminated panel leader in a variety of markets and is eager to provide consumers with a superior option for their high impact applications.”

Although lighter and much easier to cut and install, the Endurex 555 panel passed all national “hurricane” testing requirements and meets the Miami Dade Testing Requirements. Testing and certification for Miami-Dade County approvals let architects, specifiers, buyers and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) know that products meet the unique requirements for a hurricane prone area. When severe weather strikes, the performance of a product could be what saves property and lives.

Features & Benefits of Endurex 555
·     A much lighter panel for easier handling and installation
·     Both “inside” and “outside” surfaces provide full impact resistance
·     Because there is no steel side, Endurex 555 is non-directional, the panel does not require a “Front or Back” installation guideline
·     Because there is no steel included in the panel, there is no chance of electrolysis or galvanic reaction to dissimilar metals, unlike other manufacturers’ competitive products
·     Cuts easily on the job or in the shop – eliminates the negatives of cutting steel
·     Advanced stabilizers are impervious to moisture
·     Stabilizers are thinner, yet stronger than steel, allowing for a higher R-Value in 1” panels, making it a better overall option for this application
·     Because there is no hardboard included in the panel, there is no chance of wicking moisture and delamination, unlike other manufacturers’ competitive products
·     Wet glazing is not always required

Nudo Products CEO, Darryl Rosser, commented, “The Endurex 555 panel advances the average insulated ‘impact’ or ‘hurricane’ panel from the stone age to the space age. There is no other like it in the industry. This addition to our product line will allow Nudo to continue our leadership position in panel laminations in the building and construction industries.”
About Nudo
Founded in 1954, Nudo operates in four business segments: Building Products, Signage,
Transportation Products and OEM supplies. Our building products sector consists of ceiling, wall, floor and exterior architectural panels. Over the years, we have grown to become one of the largest laminators in the United States. Our experience and commitment to quality contribute to our leadership position in producing panels with a variety of substrates such as plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), gypsum, composites and finishes such as aluminum, fiberglass and high-density polyethylene.

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