Online Resource Kit educates building pros on stock glulam beams

APA – The Engineered Wood Association is expanding its extensive educational tools with a new online resource kit on stock glulam beams, providing information and case studies that inform end-users on non-custom glulam beams and showcase the material’s capabilities.

Glulam is one of the original engineered wood products, and for decades it has proven to be a trusted, high-performance structural framing member for projects ranging from simple headers in homes to sweeping dome arches spanning more than 500 feet. Despite that longevity, there remains some confusion among end users about “stock” glulam beams: While many associate glulam with the soaring custom beams seen in exposed applications, stock beams are ideal for everyday framing jobs and can be found stocked at the local lumberyard in standard sizes and
I-joist-compatible (IJC) depths.

Through a series of articles, case studies and product information, APA’s online resource kit, accessible at, increases understanding of stock glulam properties for dealers, builders and architects. The kit includes:

  • Editorial articles: “Glulam and the New Home,” “Multifamily Projects: Engineered Wood Helps Builders Meet Booming Demand,” “Common Misconceptions About Glulam Beams” and “Glulam Beams Offer Simple Solutions for Garage Door Headers.”
  • Case studies: A selection of multifamily and commercial case studies featuring stock glulam beams.
  • Glulam manufacturer directory.

In addition, visitors to the stock beam kit can easily access a host of additional technical documents about glulam, including sizing information, installation guidance, APA’s help desk and more.

Register for free access to the stock glulam resource kit here

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