Options for post-frame builders just keep getting better

Check out some of the newer products that made their Frame Building Expo debut in Louisville.

American Building Components

American Building Components
Commodity Panel Line
Ideal for barns and storage projects, the Commodity panel line provides great value paired with the unparalleled quality you’ve come to expect from ABC. The Rustic Trail panel offers a unique look and feel with rich traditional oxidized rust color, an ideal solution for post-frame projects. ABC has also added three new commodity panel colors with vintage white, radiant red and clay.


Bradbury Mini-BOSS Shear

The Bradbury Co. Inc.
The Mini-B.O.S.S. Flying Shear
The Bradbury Co. Inc. is pleased to introduce 24 inch and 36 inch wide Mini-B.O.S.S. Flying Shears to complement its existing 48-inch model. The 24-inch model is ideal for trim roll-forming lines or standing seam lines while the 36 inch can be used for narrow panel lines such as corrugated and 5V panels. Its servo acceleration and closed loop controls provide +/- 1/16-inch length tolerance at any speed up to 200 feet per minute. The B.O.S.S. shear does not require a conveyor for part separation, making it ideal for upgrades or retrofits to existing equipment.


ArchWood LonzaWood

Arch Wood Protection
BARamine technology
Arch Wood Protection recently introduced an additive for treated wood that provides enhanced defense against common fungi as well as against certain aggressive rogue fungi that can tolerate commonly-used residential preservative systems on the market. BARamine technology, for which a worldwide patent is pending, is being incorporated into the treatment of Wolmanized Outdoor Wood, the production of which is licensed by Arch Wood Protection.


Hormann TimberLast

TimberLast Finish Doors
Hörmann is introducing a new and unique line of doors that offer the durability of steel with the elegant look of natural wood. The Orion 3110/3210 collection with TimberLast finish comes standard with Hörmann’s exclusive FingerGuard pinch resistant section joints for both the interior and exterior, a choice of either 1-inch or 2-inch thick galvanized and finish painted steel sections, durable steel front and back three-layer sandwich construction insulated with expanded polystyrene.


Palram SunSky

Palram Americas
MetalMatch technology
Palram continues to expand its SunSky polycarbonate panel line, allowing builders to offer more day lighting and side lighting options to customers. With Palram’s new MetalMatch Technology, it can match virtually any corrugated metal panel profile available with minimal order requirements. Palram also offers a complete line of Ag-Tuf PVC liner panels for interior and exterior use.


Levi’s Building Components
55RF Snow Defender, Metal Wrap, and
Hot Dipped Galvanized Uplift Plate
Levi’s Building Components showed off three new products at the Expo: the 55RF Snow Defender snow guard; woven polypropylene Metal Wrap for roofing; and its innovative Uplift Plate system now in an IBC approved hot dipped galvanized version.

Levis-55RF-Snow-Defender55RF Snow Defender: The 55RF Snow Defender is designed to take the frustration out of aligning on standing seam. It combines the durability of the Snow Defender series with the versatility of the S-5 clamp systems to adapt quickly. The 55RF comes in 30-plus color finishes and fits with multiple S-5 clamps (N, U, S and V).


Levi’s Metal Wrap: Levi’s new woven polypropylene Metal Wrap product is designed to provide a temporary weather resistant barrier between the elements and a builder’s metal roofing project. Metal Wrap is lightweight and easy to install as well as highly tear resistant. Your company logo can be imprinted at no extra charge.

Hot dipped galvanizedlevis coated Uplift Plate: Levi’s innovative Uplift Plate system is designed to help the post-frame builder save time and money in the field. Now available in an IBC-approved hot dipped galvanized version, Levi’s makes this Uplift Plate product even more suitable for all types of building projects. Ideal for underground application, the Uplift Plate is easy to install and stronger than rebar.




Metal Rollforming Systems

Metal Rollforming Systems
Patriot Rollforming Line
Metal Rollforming Systems is introducing the new Patriot Rollforming Line. The Patriot’s integrated shear and modular die-set cartridge is capable of producing many different profiles on one single machine. The versatility of the Patriot Line is not just limited to the panel design, it can be reconstructed into a slit to recoil line as well. Because all equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, MRS offers very competitive pricing.




SW60 Universal Brackets
In response to customer requests, Perma-Column now offers a new drill-set bracket that accommodates 4 inches or wider posts and three-ply laminated columns.

Two SW60 Universal brackets on adjacent sides of a post are often used so the anchor flange does not stick out of a corner or into a doorway. Because the SW60 is 5 inches wide, it is a bit larger than 3-ply laminated columns.  To affix two SW60 universal brackets to a laminated column the common practice is to turn one SW60 backwards and place it under the laminated column so it does not stick out of the corner of the building or into a doorway.

To provide another option for 3-ply columns and posts 4 inches or wider, the new SW6C was developed to work with 3-ply laminated columns in corners and doorways within the wall.

The new SW6C drill-set bracket is 4 inches wide to better fit against the plies of laminated columns and smaller posts.




Simpson Strongtie FEIN MotorSimpson Strong-Tie
FEIN ASCS6.3 motor for Quik Drive Systems    
Simpson Strong-Tie now offers the FEIN ASCS6.3 motor for use with all Quik Drive Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems; making this the most versatile cordless auto-feed screw driving solution on the market. Quik Drive systems with the FEIN cordless driver offer superior performance and reliability to keep you working faster for years to come.





Symun Systems
Construction Maestro Version 5
Symun Systems’ newest version of its software will be available for review at the Expo. Construction Maestro Trio Version 5 estimating software (post frame, stud frame garages, and decks) streamlines the estimating process to create a complete set of plans and materials lists in a matter of minutes.  This easy to use, customizable system is designed for lumber companies and building contractors alike.  Take advantage of a preloaded product database containing nearly 50,000 products from 70 of the industry’s leading vendors.  Create and promote package sales with custom templates. A 20-day fully functioning trial is available upon request.


Valspar crinkle finish

WeatherXL Crinkle Finish
Valspar’s WeatherXL Crinkle Finish coatings for coil applications deliver outstanding durability with a unique, textured appearance that redirects light for enhanced visual depth.  Designed to create a shifting and shimmering effect, WeatherXL Crinkle finish is available in a number of color options that meet solar reflectivity (SR) standards for LEED and Energy Star. The coating’s silicone polyester resin system offers maximum hardness and unrivaled performance against chalking, fading and scratching.




Triangle Fastener Burr-BusterTriangle Fastener Burr-BusterTriangle Fastener Corporation
Burr-Buster self-piercing screws
Ordinary self-piercing screws produce burrs during installation that can damage surface and corrode quickly. Triangle Fastener’s Burr-Buster Technology produces less burrs compared to ordinary self-piercing screws. The proprietary dual thread was designed to penetrate steel up to 2×20 gauge faster with less chips than ordinary self-piercing screws. The screws are provided with Tri-Seal 1,000 hour salt spray coating for superior corrosion protection.


 APS 500 Advanced Polymer Sealant
TFC is also introducing APS 500 Advanced Polymer Sealant. APS 500 is formulated for superior adhesion, excellent resistance to weathering and is compatible for use with a variety of substrates. The sealant comes in plastic “job site friendly” tubes and combines the strength of polyurethanes with the weathering resistance of silicones, installing at temperatures from -35F to 140F and available in custom colors.




Fasco Jumbo-Nails

Fasco America
Jumbo Nails
Fasco America offers a full range of Jumbo Nails and two well-designed tool models to conquer your BIG timber framing jobs. These tools have a side handle for extra support while driving the Jumbo Nails. Jumbo Nails are available in 4 inch to 6-3/8 inch lengths and can be ordered in many different finishes, shank deformations, points, and collations to meet your exact needs.


Mac Metal

MAC Metal Sales Inc.
MAC Ultra steel panel
MAC Metal is pleased to introduce a new panel offering to its customers.  MAC Ultra is a true 28-gauge, .0153-inch minimum steel panel that is available in 11 colors to service the post-frame industry.

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