Ventilation products

Ag-Co — Ag-Co cupola are designed of durable, high-density polyethylene that is UV inhibited and will never rust or decay. Maintenance free, they retain their original appearance for a lifetime. Ag-Co cupolas combine the rigidity of polyethylene with the convenience of lightweight construction for quick and easy installation. Ag-Co cupolas are designed to provide the ventilation that is critical for the structural integrity of the roof while enhancing the building’s appearance. Many color combinations and licensed designs are offered in Ag-Co’s two-piece construction that allows the builder to coordinate a design that best accents the building and customers’ tastes. Sizes range from 12 to 42 inches.

Airmaster — Airmaster HA Series high pressure fans are energy-efficient, quiet, heavy duty, belt drive fans that are ideal for general ventilation in all types of buildings.  Available in sizes 24- to 60-inch, they offer precision balanced propellers for vibration-free operation, totally enclosed ball bearing motors and rigid tubular supports which hold the bearing and motor mounts.  The HA fan is epoxy coated and available for either exhaust or supply duty.  Optional accessories include wall shutters, guards, weather hoods and wall collars. Airmaster manufactures a complete line of air circulators, air moving and ventilating equipment.

Atlas Roofing
— CrossVent is designed using thermally efficient HCFC-free polyiso insulation with vent strips of 1-, 1-1/2- or 2 inches, separating 7/16-inch APA/TECO-rated OSB from polyiso rigid insulation. The design creates cross ventilation over sloped unventilated roof decks, allowing for maximum heat dissipation.

Berger Building Products — Pro-Master Ridge Vent is manufactured with natural fibers that form a durable, long-lasting and cost effective product, which helps decrease cooling/heating costs and promotes healthy, breathable air.  Pro-Master Ridge Vent is environmentally friendly with fibers that are 100 percent natural and protects roof shingles from damage due to excessive heat or condensation.  It deters mold and mildew in the attic.  Pro-Master Ridge Vent provides uniform ventilation and is easy-to-install with both hand and power nails included in the box.  It eliminates unsightly fans and vents and comes with a 40-year warranty.

Blocksom & Company — Roof Saver is a continuous ridge vent system designed for cap-and-closure installation on metal roofs. Roof Saver provides 15.2 square inches of NFA per installed foot and is available in 20- or 50-foot roll lengths in the 10.5-inch width and 20-foot roll lengths in 8-1/2- or 7-inch widths. It meets or exceeds the attic ventilation requirements of all nationally recognized building codes and holds a UL Class A fire rating.

Commodity Products Co. — Louisiana-based Commmodity Products has been in business for 21 years, offering ridge vents, gravity vents, turbine vents and cupolas, as well as exhaust fans, roof curbs, hatches and many other products, including wall louvers, both fixed and operable. The company tailors its products to the metal building industry.

CopperCraft — CopperCraft offers a variety of ventilation options – decorator dormers, louvers, soffit vent and ridge roll (a decorative alternative to standard ridge caps). CopperCraft louvers and vents allow effective ventilation of attic areas while adding a distinctive architectural touch to fine residences and commercial projects.  CopperCraft louvers are available in a wide range of materials and sizes to meet a project’s specific requirements.

  Cor-A-Vent Inc. — Cor-A-Vent Inc. offers the first “green” ridge vent – Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent. Revolution is a 20-foot long roll vent available in 11-inch and 9-inch widths, and made from nearly 100 percent pre-consumer recycled plastic. Revolution is power-nailable for easy installation on asphalt shingle roofs and provides 12 square inches of NFVA per foot, plus superior protection from rain, snow and insects.

Cornell Corporation —  Specializing in building envelope insulation, Cornell products fit outside the structural roof deck or wall assembly and retard thermal shorting and moisture and mold formation. Vent-Top ThermaCal Ventilated Roof Insulation — vaulted ceiling and  conditioned attic space applications attaching to wood, metal, or concrete roof decks. New ThermaCalWall External Wall Insulation attaches to the outside of wood, metal or concrete wall with nailable OSB base for siding. ThermaRim Insulated Rim Board — APA rated rim board with sandwich of polyiso foam and OSB.

Country Classics Cupolas — Often overlooked for ventilating capabilities, cupolas are functional architectural accents and an energy-efficient method of exhausting warm moist air. Whether the tower area is glass or louvered, a cupola provides fresh air to new and existing buildings. An insulated glass tower cupola is also an attractive energy-efficient source of natural light.

DCI Products  — No more drilling holes in rafters. RafterVent Tapered by DCI allows air to flow around any roof obstacle. Designed for valleys and skylights, the RafterVent is tapered from 1/8-inch to ½-inch by 24 inches long. Simply nail gun the vents to the rafter in seconds and sheath over. Applied directly to rafters, the tapered design allows it to blend into the roof, yet allows the required 9 NFA of air to flow in each rafter bay.

Fabral  — Fabral’s premium painted aluminum soffit allows for effective ventilation – Quad 4 Vented, 12.96 sq. inch per lineal foot free airspace.  Fabral soffit is available in standard sizes of 16-inches x 12-fee and pre-cut lengths of 11½-, 17½- or 23 ½ inches.  Choose from 15 popular colors to coordinate with trim or roofing.  Fabral also offers Ridge Vent – VersaVent RX-10, used in conjunction with many Fabral  profiles and styles.

Farmer Boy Ag Supply — Farmer Boy Ag offers a new wave in ventilation, the Arctic Air line. The Arctic Air line includes basket fans, available in standard and high velocity and in multiple sizes, galvanized and fiberglass exhaust fans in various sizes and styles, portable high velocity fans, and a 72-inch 80,000 CFM dairy ventilator fan. These fans provide customers with the CFMs required to keep their animals cool, healthy and at maximum efficiency.

Ideal Building Fasteners — Posi-Vent is pure polyurethane foam with a vinyl coating utilized as a universal venting system.  The passive system allows interior airto flow to the exterior under the ridge cap.  Posi-Vent conforms to the most popular metal panels for a universal fit.  Its exclusive closed cell foam seal on the front edge effects a weathertight stop against rain and snow.   Cost-effective and easy to install with its adhesive bead, Posi-Vent is an ideal ventilation system for metal building projects. 

Klauer Manufacturing — The Roofline Ridgolator IV has a lightweight, durable design. Its net free air space is nearly double other similar products in the same price range. Available in 24 colors, it is bird-proof and has a low profile.

Leland Industries — The Master Ridge Vent is the rolled roof ridge exhaust venting system for residential, commercial and post-frame metal roofs. The Master Vented Closure is superior roof ridge venting, easily cut with a knife or scissors. It features a glue bead to hold the ventilation in position and is resistant to weathering, chemicals, ozone and fire, and is a UV stabilizer.

Marco Industries — The Weather-Tite Ridge Vent is metal building ventilation designed for ease of installation and long-term results. It features die-cut closures that can be ordered to fit more than 400 different profiles. The M63 adhesive can be added for permanent adhesion to metal panels.

Metro Roofing Products — SMARTvents are formed from Metro-Shake II, Shingle or Tile panels incorporating baffled attic ventilation. SMARTvents are made with the same long-life steel and stone-coating as Metro Panels, creatings a single, functional unit that integrates perfectly with the surrounding roof panels.

MWI Components — MWI is an industry-leader in natural ventilation. Not only does MWI supply Uni-Vent II to ventilate with a ridge cap but also manufactures five profiles of Ridg-Vents to provide superior ventilation.  Ridg-Vents exhaust air out of an attic or whole building.  When used in conjunction with vented soffit, Ridg-Vents provide superior ventilation.  Customers also have the option of choosing a fiberglass diverter on some models to allow natural light into a structure.   With over 100 colors to choose from, MWI can match most manufacturers’ steel colors.

New Concept Louvers — New Concept has maintenance-free, aluminum and copper cupolas, louvers and dormer vents, for all ventilation needs. New Concept louvers and dormer vents are available in many sizes and shapes, with over 450 colors to choose from in aluminum, and other material choices such as steel, copper, Galvalume, etc. Louvers are made for new construction, remodels or simply for improving current ventilation on existing structures, and they are made to fit exact specifications. Cupolas arrive in three, easy-to-install pieces and are pre-cut to fit any roof pitch. They’re a great way to get hot air out of the attic.

Plyco — Plyco manufactures and distributes a variety of ventilation products designed to provide air-flow to meet most requirements. The MWE-100 is a low profile unit, 10 feet in length with 12 square inches of free air space per lineal foot. The MW100-25 has a higher profile than the MWE and is open at the top. The ventilator has an internal diverter to direct rain off to the side and out onto the roof. The free air space per lineal foot is 30 square inches and it is 10 feet long. The MW100-35 has the same design as the 25 series with increased free air space of 36 square inches per lineal foot. The ventilator rises 4 inches above the ridge and comes 10 feet in length. The FMW100-35 is of the same design as the 35 series but the diverter is made from translucent fiberglass. Having the translucent fiberglass diverter allows light into the building ridge while keeping the rain out.

QC Supply  — QC Supply has fans for every application. The indoor/outdoor high velocity oscillating wall-mount fans provide for air movement needs. These heavy-duty fans are designed for applications where space is an issue. Available in white or black, these three-speed fans range in size from 14- to 30 inches. QC’s ventilation experts can help find the right fan for every application.

Sealtite — Sealtite supplies Multivent vented foam closures for use in applications requiring air movement.  The open cell foam allows as much as 98 percent free air flow but still will prevent wind-driven snow and rain from penetrating the building. Universal in design, each piece will conform to any metal roof configuration 1¼-inch or less in height. Applications include ridge caps and hip roofs. Its 3-foot length allows for flexibility and ease of handling.

Tallant Industries — Ridgeline Ridgevent is the only multi-purpose plastic ridge vent on the market. Baffles can be removed for other applications such as side wall or end wall venting. It may also be used as air intake on homes that do not have overhangs or soffit vents. Ridgeline, when used with a balanced soffit air intake, provides a minimum of 15 inches of net-free area per liner foot. The design provides continuous air flow throughout the attic, while raising the ridge-cap only 3/4-inch.

TekSupply — TekSupply offers a variety of ventilation products, including fans, louvers and shutters for any application. Fan lines include ValuTek Corrosion-Resistant Fans, Industrial Ceiling Fans, Altra-Air High-Volume Low-Speed Fans, exhaust fans and more. Tek Supply’s lines of shutters and louvers are ideal for warehouses, barns, greenhouses and shops. The company also offers solar-powered fans and vent openers for eco-friendly ventilation.

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