Tools of the Trade

Alum-A-Brake — The integral work table is now removable in 10 seconds, making the Alum-A-Brake weigh the same as other brakes. Loading the truck is easier; the cutting wheels on both Alum-A-Brake and coil holder are sharper. Improved, a good value and comparably priced, says its maker, Alum-a-Pole.

Arcus — Arcus Circular Saw Blade Guide System converts a circular saw into curve or circle cutting saw, cutting arches and round designs quickly. The system includes a curved Arcus Professional Saw Blade that allows cutting of arches or circles freehand with a circular saw. Used with the Arcus Compass Guide, it cuts circles from 30- to 54-inches in diameter in a matter of seconds.

Cepco Tool  — QuikJack Hardwood Flooring & Construction Jack is a side-wind jack similar to a trailer jack used on the tongues of trailers.  This jack squeezes every board in a typical flooring application, including the last board, assuming a ¼-inch gap exists between the wall and the last board.  This jack may be used over any surface including sub floors or open joist construction

Champion — The Champion Advantage Series is the newest thinking in delivering fully equipped reciprocating compressors from a leader in compressed air equipment. Champion Advantage units are available in simplex and duplex configurations.  Each horsepower comes complete with these accessories installed: vibration isolators, automatic tank drain, low oil level switch, air cooled aftercooler, dual control (10 Hp and >).

Construction Lifters  — Modular Spreader Beam is adjustable and durable – yet lightweight, providing maximum versatility along with quick and easy assembly. The beam is configurable to various spreads from 10 to 22 feet with capacities of 1 or 2 tons. Faspin with lanyard allows for quick adjustment. Collapse the beam and it will fit in the back of a pick-up truck. Save time and money using one beam for numerous operations.

Danuser Industrial — Postmaster can drive up to 60 14-foot wood or steel posts per hour, each between 3 and 8 inches in diameter. Hammer weight is 275 lbs.; additional weight can be added for a total of 700 lbs. A grapple option picks up the post from the ground without additional hydraulics or controls.  Tilt option tilts up to 19 degrees in each direction. Slab Blaster hammer weight is 400 lbs.; additional weight can be added for a total of 700 lbs.  Break up to 9-inch thick concrete with reinforcement.

Dynacut Shears — Dynacut makes jobsite shears for cutting 36-inch panels with a variety of profiles. Angle, straight and cutting shears are standard. Dynacut also produces a high speed air-powered shear for in-plant use.

Dynamic Fastener — Tools include: Fein Nibbler, BLK 1.3CS, cuts flat or corrugated sheet metal up to 18 gauge with cutting speed of 7.5 ft/minute and eight die locations that allow cutting direction adjustments in 45 degree increments; DeWalt  268  Versa Clutch Scrugun- Versa-Clutch torque adjustment system allows dialing proper torque for driving fasteners without stripping or breaking fastener and high power motor for metal fastening jobs; Slasher Steel Cutting Blades cut steel from 29 gauge to ¼-inch thick. It’s less noisy, needs fewer blade changes, no burr on edges, reduced sparking, no dust clouds, and faster, cooler cutting.

Engage Machinery — Engage Machinery provides machines to fit large or small operations. Engage products offer ease of operation and  value in the sheet metal fabricating industry. An application driven business and resource for reliability, expertise and support, Engage supplies AG and PBR panel roll formers, portable rollformers, trim rollforming lines, slitting lines, long folders, powered decoilers, shears, 10-foot folders, handbrakes and slip rolls.

Fastcut Industries – The Lobster line of rebar cutters from Fascut are compact handheld tools that quickly cut up to ¾-inch diameter (#6) grade 60 rebar. The cutter head can be rotated up, down or sideways to simplify cutting bars in different positions and locations. Plugs into a regular 110-volt outlet or there is even a 12-volt cordless model.  Tabletop cutter/bender combo models are also available.

Fein Power Tools – German precision power tools are manufactured for daily use by the professional. The Fein Blk 1.3CS 18-gauge nibbler is a must for all cutting needs in the metal roofing industry.

Gary Machinery –  Designed for on-site use or in the industrial environment, this rotary shear can shear strips anywhere from 1 to 24 inches wide from any size sheet with no limitation on length. The operator moves the pointer to desired width, locks in place, switches on and feeds material. No tools are required. It’s designed for 16-gauge steel or lighter, also cuts aluminum, stainless and non-metallic materials. An optional table is offered.

Hitachi Power Tools —  The 7-1/4-inch pro-grade circular saw and low vibration CR13VBY reciprocating saw offer jobsite advantages. The circular saw features patented Internal Double Insulation (IDI) technology, a 15 amp motor and electric brake for safety. It cuts quickly and smoothly through OSB, 2x4s, LVL, plywood and other typical framing materials.  The reciprocating saw’s vibration protection technology decreases user fatigue. Its cutting mechanism, variable speed dial and trigger for ultimate control and class leading cutting speed are packaged into a 9.7-lb. ergonomic tool.

Kentex — Texas-based Kentex makes light-gauge coil processing equipment, modular decoilers, coil cars, slitters, recoilers and a cut materials receiving station suitable for painted or coated materials up to 18-guage, with a cut length tolerance of 1/16-inch. Computer control allows automatic operation and accurate, consistent cut lengths.

Klenk Tools — The Ohio company offers nationwide distribution of aviation, siding and sheet metal snips, Fairmont hand seamers, crimpers, pipecutters, tinners shears, folding tools and many other products.

Leon’s Manufacturing — The 905, 915, 950 and 1150 Ramrod Taskmaster compact utility loaders are stronger, more rugged, and operate with greater lifting and push/pull power than before. Ramrod’s heavy frames and lift arm booms are manufactured to handle demanding jobs. Ramrods are available in special packages from 32-inch wheels to 44-inch tracks — with Kubota diesel or Kawasaki gas engines. There’s a choice of more than 60 versatile, Quick-On Quick-Off attachments.

MacKissic, Inc. — Easy Auger II with Maximum Drive by MacKissic is strong and powerful. A patented drive system provides torque to drive through material other augers can’t handle and  delivers more torque to penetrate rocks and soil. Robin and Honda engine options, all steel frame, augers between 2 and 18 inches and other features are offered.

Malco Tools —  Make clean cuts in all types of asphalt shingles  — any style, life rating or shingle thickness, in any weather. Model TSS1 Drill Accessory attaches to any electric drill, including cordless models.  Or opt for “air power” with the Model TSS1A Pneumatic TurboShear.  This high speed shear is compatible with existing air supply set-ups used with nailers.

Marion Manufacturing — Marion designs and fabricates custom manufacturing equipment, specializing in metal forming equipment. Marion builds to customer specifications, including panel form, trim roll form, stud and track roll form machines and more, as well as building all necessary equipment such as decoilers, shears, slitters, stackers, etc. All Marion products are made in the U.S.

MetalForming — Feature items include Schechtl automatic folders and Jorns Long Folders in 12-, 13-, 26- and 40-foot lengths in 18- through 11-gauge capacities. The company also has Schechtl shears and coil processing systems from Jorns, Schleback and Forstner. MetalForming offers seamers, slitters and hand tools.

Michigan Ladder — Michigan Ladder offers a full range of products for unique needs. Offerings include wood, which is made in the USA with wood from the USA, fiberglass, aluminum, articulating aluminum and scaffolds.  All Michigan Ladders are made up to a quality, not down to a price.

Mustang — Mustang, a 121-year-old name for innovative compact equipment for agriculture and construction markets, has an all-new model 2056 Skid Steer Loader. Features include a compact chassis that allows for as narrow as 59.7 inch loader width (without bucket) when equipped with optional offset wheel/tire package (width is 62 inches with standard wheel/tire package) and a 62-hp Deutz TD2009 Series Tier III-certified turbo-diesel engine for extra power.

New Tech Machinery —  New Tech offers portable onsite and in-plant roll-forming equipment used in residential, architectural and commercial applications.  Patented equipment includes: Standing seam roof panel machines, including the new SSQ machine, flush wall/soffit machine and seamless gutter machines including the  7-inch commercial box gutter machine. 

Palfinger North America — Palfinger Crayler truck-mounted forklifts offer lifting capacities from 4,500 to 6,500 pounds for delivery of brick, block, lumber and wallboard, maneuvering over rugged terrain, crowded worksites and through tight spaces. Palfinger material handling cranes provide greater lift, reach and cost savings for many day-to-day applications.

Pan American Screw/Sure Drive USA —  Specially designed Sure Drive Ballistic NailScrews are pneumatically driven with a nail gun. They combine the advantages of collated nails with the best aspects of screws. NailScrews are designed for decking, composite decking, manufactured housing, pallet and crating, subfloor, roof decking, fastening wood to metal, wood to wood, treated lumber applications and more.

Panel Pro Mfg. — Make straight, safe cuts on the jobsite with a panel saw that fits onto the back of the truck or trailer. Panel Pro accurately cuts a 4 x 8 panel to size without having to use those old saw horses, hand saws and chalk lines.

Princeton Delivery — A complete line of PiggyBack truck-mounted forklifts offers capacities from 4,000 to 8,000 pounds, for the ultimate delivery tool. PiggyBacks “spot deliver” materials to even difficult job sites with unmatched stability. Deliver lumber, trusses, wall panels, brick, block, roofing, even prefabricated building components — precisely where needed on site.

ReechCraft — Bronco All-Terrain Scaffold offers 3-legged design that works for uneven and difficult ground conditions. It features lightweight extra-wide frame, tapered tripod design, 750 pounds per pair capacity, easy plank access and folds flat for storage. PowerPole Man and Material Lift System fastens to any wall or roof up to 50-feet high. It offers fast, one-man setup and operation, 1,000 pounds per pair, platform configurations for any job, and is OSHA compliant.

Safety Hoist Company — Portable hoists in three different models are safer alternatives to carrying material up to scaffolding or rooftops. The portable hoists, easy to set up and operate, are tailored to contractor needs, reduce injuries and cut down on OSHA violations.

Sellick Equipment Limited — Sellick, supported by a nationwide dealer network, has been designing and manufacturing rough terrain forklifts for more than 40 years. Capacities range from 5,000 to 16,000 lbs and all models are available with four-wheel drive for adverse ground conditions. Extra wide carriages and long forks provide stability. Lift heights to 30 feet are available.

Seymour Manufacturing — Founded in 1872, the company makes construction and lawn/garden tools and replacement handles.  Tools include contractor needs, posthole diggers/augers, weed/brush cutters, pruners, snow tools, striking tools, wheelbarrows and many others. The lines include Structron brand fiberglass handle tools, while Link Handle Division makes replacement handles.

SFS intec —  SFS intec offers Panelmaster Fastening System for attaching metal panels in the post-frame market. The belted fastener system installs all lengths of washered fasteners, 1- through 3-inches long. A total of 37 different belted SFS fastener options exist for the Panelmaster tool.  The tool kit includes an extension that lets the installer stand up during roof panel attachment. It’s adaptable for roof or wall attachment.

Sheyenne Tooling Tele-Boom —  It turns a skidsteer into a compact, high performance crane and makes lifting and elevating as simple. It easily lifts and places trusses, shingles and more while saving time and money. Reach from 8’ 6” to 30’ with the skidsteer. Horizontal lifting capacity with the boom extended to 20 feet; T-100 lifts 337 lbs; T-200 lifts 957 lbs. 

Spotnails — Spotnails, a division of Peace Industries, Ltd, introduces its XS6650, a 16-gauge medium crown stapler that drives 7/16-inch medium crown staples from 5/8- to 2-inch. Features include easy maneuverability, erogonomic rubber grip, 360 degree adjustable exhaust, adjustable depth control, quick clear nose and restrictive trigger. A plastic carrying case is included.  The XS6650 is also available with a long magazine (XS6650LM).  The stapler is used for roof and wall shingles, plywood wall sheathing and floor underlayment.

SteelMax — This 9-inch metal cutting circular saw cuts metal cool and clean without burring, heat distortion or sparking. Designed for mild steel, stainless and aluminum, model S9 cuts fast, clean, safe and affordably through a wide variety of materials. Featuring a 45-degree beveling capability, the 15-amp motor operates at 2700 rotations per minute. Blades are TCT carbide design and can make long straight cuts in heavy structural steel, I beams, stainless and aluminum. The S9 has eye and ear protection, carrying case, mild steel blade and edge guide.

Sweepster/Harley Attachments — A walk-behind sweeper, the WSP36 from Sweepster Attachments, features a transmission with differential, light weight, excellent balance and 16-inch diameter tires for ease of operation. For heavy duty performance across a wide range of applications the WSP36 has a 24-inch diameter brush, Honda commercial, all-season engine, two brush speed ranges, 5 speeds forward, neutral and reverse; fully adjustable brush angle and large heavy lug tires. The Honda engine meets emissions for EPA, CARB, TIER2.

Swenson Shear —  Swenson’s pivot shears cuts metal panels in one quick, clean cut. Rugged blades are specific for the desired panel profiles. Standard quick-change blades are easily swapped out for versatility in shearing different profiles or at angles. Manual operation leaves a clean, burr-free edge while eliminating hand snips and the hassle of power cords and hot, flying metal.

Tennsmith —  Since 1969, this Tennessee company has had a full range of sheet metal tools including hand brakes, power shears, slip rolls, cleat benders, notchers and rotary machines.

Triangle Fastener — Triangle supplies a full line of tools and accessories for drilling, driving, cutting and sawing, and carries all major brands of standard and specialty tools designed for the professional contractor. To assure proper tool use, job-site support and training programs are available from 23 locations.

Unique Contractor —  This Alabama company is a national distributor for Rustgo all-terrrain mobile work platforms

Van Mark —  Van Mark Products’ line of MetalMaster 20 portable job site bending brakes is designed to meet the demands of the metal roofing and metal building industry. Features include a 20-3/8 inch throat, as well as a reinforced top locking bar to allow easier hemming of metals. Ergonomic handles and newly designed, self-leveling stand provide greater bending leverage and increased capacity of the tool. Also look for Trim-A-Slitter for jobsite slitting, rib-forming and perforating.

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