Let there be light

Acrylite Deglas — Acrylite high impact translucent acrylic sheets are a superior material for skylights and other glazing including overhead, clerestory and perimeter walls in horse barns, riding arenas and other agricultural buildings. Acrylite delivers even, diffused light with reduced glare and hot spots while providing excellent insulative values.  Acrylite is backed by a 30-year no-yellowing guarantee and 10- year hail warranty.

AmeriLux International — AmeriLux International’s Coverlite corrugated polycarbonate MR 9-inch and MR 12-inch panels are designed specifically as an accessory to corrugated metal roofing panels. Polycarbonate panels are perfect for windows, doors, skylight and sidelite applications.  Coverlite offers natural day lighting, easy fabrication and is backed by a 10-year warranty against yellowing. 

Cannonball:HNP — CannonBall:HNP offers polycarbonate panels that provide a perfect solution for skylights, pipe lights and other roofing applications. The panels are available in standard or custom-cut lengths and in a wide variety of corrugations.

Carlisle SynTec — Carlisle SynTec, a leading manufacturer of single-ply roofing systems, offers DryLight, the industry’s only fully encapsulated skylight that provides enhanced energy savings. This unique encapsulation technology provides a durable and permanent bond between the frame and the dome, eliminating the leakage typically associated with traditional skylights. Carlisle offers a total-system warranty that will cover any leakage in the skylight, the curb and the installation for up to 20 years.

CopperCraft — CopperCraft offers skylights in both decorative dormers and their standard louver offering.  All skylights are self contained prefabricated units that require no framing and are ready to be set into place.  Units include large factory soldered roof flanges to receive metal standing seam, slate, or shingles.  Choose from a variety of stock designs or let CopperCraft custom design a skylight to exact specifications.  CopperCraft skylights add a dramatic effect to any building while showcasing an elegant look.

DayStar Systems — Utilizing unique technology DayStar developed a completely natural lighting system for commercial applications, such as schools, retail stores, warehouses, riding arenas, manufacturing plants etc. Natural light is amplified and dispersed evenly, regardless of the size of the building, even on cloudy days. Uniform diffusion, no glare and no hot spots mean DayStar extends the amount of hours electric lights can be turned off. DayStar’s System includes dome, light shaft, powdercoated metal roof curb, rib caps, ceiling lens, and complete installation instructions.

Fabral — Fabral offers skylights in industry-leading profiles that builders have come to know for 40 years.  Fabral skylight panels form a shield against harmful UV rays while admitting visible light.  Not only do they reduce lighting costs and retain optical clarity over time, but they are virtually unbreakable and offer design accents to structures.

H&F Manufacturing — Ultra R-Panel is a polycarbonate panel that matches most corrugated metal profiles. It offers a wide range of resistance to corrosion, a non-combustible flame spread rating of 6, is UV resistant, will not yellow, turn brittle or discolor and stands up to harsh temperatures.

Palram Americas — SunSky polycarbonate corrugated panels match most metal profiles and deliver light transmission. SunLite polycarbonate multi-wall daylighting panels offer energy savings and thermal insulation for sidelight requirements. Both products operate in temperatures from minus-40 to 270 degrees and have lifetime warranties on clarity.

Starlight Skylights — Starlight Skylights manufactures high quality competitively priced architectural, commercial and residential skylights, glazing systems and commercial and residential enclosures. All products are available in custom sizes, shapes and colors, with a wide variety of glazing options. Starlight designs all of its models — standard, custom, and architectural — “in house.” Starlight Skylights strives to helping builders and architects meet their “green goals.”

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