M-M-Marvelous metal panels

American Building Components
ABC residential roof panel systems include the sleek, contemporary SL-16, a concealed fastening roof panel system available in 16- or 12-inch widths. A full complement of color matched trim and accessories is available. The SL-16 features a 1-inch high narrow rib to help create interesting shadow lines along the roof. Eighteen popular colors are available plus the unpainted premium Galvalume Plus. ABC’s website  shows Energy Star colors that offer potential tax credits. ABC metal panels offer energy efficiency for most climate zones.

Agway Metals
Agway Metals, based in Brampton, Ontario, offers 1-1/2 and 3-inch roof and floor deck, hidden fastener metal wall panels, 3/4- and 1-1/2-inch deep wall cladding, nail strip and snap lock roof panels, seamed metal roof panels and corrugated wall cladding.

Architectural Sheetmetal Products
This full service metal standing seam roof and flush wall panel manufacturer is located in upstate New York. Every high performance panel features a concealed fastener system and is available in 24g Galvalume coated steel, 29g galvanized, aluminum or copper. Systems are available in snap-lock or mechanical-lock configuration in widths ranging from 12” to 21”. ASP, Inc. also offers curving, cut-to-length sheets and custom specialty fabrications for architectural, commercial, industrial and residential metal needs. Premium finish warranties for 35 years are included; weathertight warranties are available.

The 36-inch wide Strata Rib XL roof panel is a dollar-stretching light-gauge, exposed fastener panel that offers wide coverage. That means less money and lower installation costs for homeowners. A reinforced major rib provides extra strength and easier handling for installers than most light gauge panels. In a variety of cool colors, Strata Rib XL is right for residential roof, agricultural roof and wall applications.

ATAS International
ATAS offers Dutch Seam, a continuous standing seam panel with an integral seam. Mechanical field seaming is not required; simply snap the panel onto the previously installed panel and fasten the clip. Above Sheathing Ventilation (ASV) can be obtained by use of a raised clip that creates an air space between the roof deck and metal roof. ASV allows for additional summer cooling between the roof panels and substrate, while the air space is utilized as extra insulation to help lower heating costs in winter.

Bridger Steel
Bridger Steel has been producing metal roofing and siding since 1996. Products are 100 percent recyclable, made of up to 60 percent recycled material. Painted products meet LEED criteria effectivity and emissivity performance. Bridger Steel offers unmatched industry warranties and produces panels, standard or custom trims and supplies delivered in all 50 United States and Canada.

Central States Manufacturing
Central States Manufacturing, Inc. manufactures and delivers metal building components to customers in the central portion of the United States.  Central States makes two light-gauge panels for agricultural use, four commercial panels, and one concealed fastener residential panel. Prime panels are AZ50 galvalume substrate with .015-inch thickness for 29 gauge and .0185-inch thickness for 26 gauge.

DECRA Roofing
Villa Tile combines the performance of stone-coated steel with the beauty, elegance and architectural detail of Old World Italian tile. It can be installed directly to the roof deck or over battens. Villa Tile is available in five standard colors, offering many opportunities to design and create a roof for all styles. Villa Tile is lightweight, durable and will not crack, burn, curl, split or rot. Interlocking tile panels provide a weather-tight barrier for low maintenance and long-term performance. Profiles include Decra Tile, Decra Shake, Decra Shingle and Decra Shingle Plus.

Everlast Roofing Inc.
Everlast Roofing, Inc. manufactures a variety of quality, high performance metal roofing and siding materials for the architectural, commercial, industrial, agricultural, post-frame and residential markets. Everlast II and Everdrain, both 38 inches, provide 36 inches of coverage and are ideal for ag buildings. Everlast II’s major ribs are 9 inches apart and approximately ¾-inch high with two minor ribs between that are 3/16-inch high. Everdrain’s major ribs are 6 inches apart and approximately ½-inch high with two minor ribs between.

A supplier of metal roofing and siding for post-frame, agricultural, residential, architectural, commercial and industrial applications, Fabral products include a wide selection of standing seam roof profiles and both exposed fastener and concealed fastener panels. Most are available in a wide variety of substrates including aluminum, galvanized steel, Galvalume, copper and stainless steel. Some of Fabral’s many products include Grandrib 3 – the original 9-inch on center profile and most versatile steel panel on the market today and 1-1/2 inch SSR – a 24 gauge classic design featuring beauty and durability. Industry leading warranties and unbeatable paint system, Enduracote, take performance to the next level.

Firestone Metal Products
Firestone Metal Products manufactures eight Una-Clad Commercial/Industrial panel systems for wall and roof applications.  Choose from 3 Omega systems, 2 Builtite systems, 2 corrugated systems and the 5-V-Crimp system. Each is lightweight and offers a different profile. Systems are mechanically attached with exposed fasteners and are installed in a non-sequential pattern.  All are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Graber Post
Producing more than 22 million feet of metal each year, the company creates panels from high quality steel coils. Four types of metal, including panels with galvanized substrate, include a top grade with a base of Galvalume under a coat of baked-on enamel. Lines include G-Rib panels, R-Panel and standing seam panels. All are protected by bonderizing, then coated with Optima Primer that gives flexibility and a base for a final coat of pigmented silicone polyester paint.

H&H Metal Products
Uni-Panel is easy to install and the substantial metal inventory ensures consistent color matching for the entire project. Uni-Panel’s look is perfect for post-frame, light commercial and residential applications. It is cut to the inch and available in a wide array of colors and coatings. The heavy duty agricultural use Uni-Panel is suited for barns, shops and sheds.

Garland R-Mer metal wall systems include R-Mer Wall Pan concealed-clip wall panel system and R-Mer Wall family of through-fastened vertical panels. Available in aluminum or alloy-coated steel and a variety of colors, these metal wall systems offer a contractor-friendly design that ensures accurate installation. They are easily installed over new framing or directly onto existing substrates. Engineered for high-performance, panels integrate seamlessly with Garland’s metal roofing systems to provide a unified system of weather-tight security.

HW Brand Building Products
HW Brand Traditional Panel and HW Brand Universal Panel metal roofing and siding is available in 15 colors. Universal Panel has a unique configuration and rib design, making it virtually impossible for siphoning action to occur. There’s a 40-year warranty on each “signed” color-coated Universal Panel. HW also specializes in accessories, fasteners, building hardware, windows, doors, laminated columns, treated squares, lumber, engineered wood and plywood panel products stocked in three distribution centers.

Integrity Metals
A manufacturer of quality metal roofing, siding and accessories, Integrity is proud of its exceptional service, outstanding product and true 40-year warranty. The company serves all of Kentucky and Tennessee with deliveries twice a week.

Klauer Manufacturing
Klauer Manufacturing produces K-Rib Roofing and Siding in two profiles, Frontier and Suburban. K-Rib Roofing and Siding is available with substrate of either G-60 or G-90 galvanization.  All panel substrate is a minimum .0153 thick and receives a zinc phosphate pretreatment before painting. Valspar corrosion resistant primer is first applied, followed by a finish coat of Valspar WeatherX siliconized polyester paint providing a 1 mil thickness of protection on the finished side. The reverse side gets the same corrosion resistant primer and a wash coat finish of .5 mil thickness.  K-Rib Roofing and Siding is used for post-frame construction in agricultural, commercial and residential applications.

McElroy Metal
Offering all Kynar colors as Energy Star rated, McElroy Metal provides an environmentally friendly and energy efficient roof. McElroy Metal’s extensive product offering of standing seam roof systems, metal wall panels and substructural members enables contractors to use a single source for all metal components. A single source ensures exact color matches, smooth component integration and coordinated material delivery.

Mac Metal Sales
The Kentucky company makes a complete line of metal roofing and wall systems for the residential, commercial and post-frame industries. It offers a lifetime paint warranty on 17 colors and a full complement of trim and accessories.

Metal Sales Manufacturing
Exceptional quality panels from Metal Sales Manufacturing suit projects of virtually every size and specification — new construction or retrofit. More than 75 profiles with matching trim and accessories are available in more than 100 Energy Star colors. A wide selection of finishes includes the popular MS Colorfast 45 and Kynar 500, along with 45-year paint warranty and 20-year weather tightness warranties.

Metl-Span makes concealed fastener insulated metal panels. Using a foamed-in-place technology, Metl-Span panels are placed outside the building envelope for thermal efficiency. The CF Architectural panel is ideal for high-profile architectural applications. Panels may be installed vertically or horizontally for maximum design impact. Metl-Span’s insulated metal standing seam roof panel is an innovation in all-in-one composite panel design, combining durable interior and exterior faces with a polyurethane core.

Met-Tile tile-look steel panels in 10 “cool roof” colors meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines. Benefits include resistance to fires, earthquakes, moisture and hail;  230+ mph wind rating; low maintenance and ease of installation. Panels can be applied directly over solid decking, purlins or existing shingles and are ideal for homes, barns, exercise facilities and all types of rural buildings. Used in new construction, they can save on substructure costs because they are lightweight.

Modern Metal Systems
Based in Clearwater, Fla., the company offers Ultra Seam standing seam roof system with no exposed clips or fasteners for a complete sealed system, available in snaploc or mechanical seam panel system; Flush soffit/wall panels are available in various widths, as well various gauges and colors in steel and aluminum.

North Star Metals
Five Star is North Star Metals Manufacturing Company’s most popular panel. Five Star panels can be used for either roofing or siding. Thirty-six inch coverage width has 5 main ribs at ¾-inch tall and 9 inches center to center. Panels are adaptable and are cut to the nearest ¼-inch and can extend up to 52 feet. With a choice of 14 standard colors consisting of siliconized polyester, the high gloss paint includes a 40-year warranty and a clear coat protection that helps create strong, long-lasting buildings.

Petersen Aluminum
PAC-Clad is a versatile prefinished sheet metal coating (PVDF) applied to both G-90 galvanized steel and 3105-H14 aluminum. Each Petersen roll former provides panels that have been Herr-Voss corrective leveled. Standing seam, flush and soffit panels are available up to 50 feet. Matching flashing and trim is available factory formed from Pac-Clad material.

Rolled Steel Products
Rolled Steel Products Inc. offers 36-inch through-fastened panels in 29 gauge, 16-inch concealed fastener 26 gauge, a complete line of trim and fasteners, and a large selection of sliding door parts.

SAF Metal Fabrication
SAF Metal Fabrication distributes aluminum sheet and extrusion, fabricates aluminum panels and anodizes and paints aluminum. SAF panels can be fabricated of aluminum sheet or aluminum composite material (ACM). SAF products include Alcobond, Reynobond and Alpolic. The company has a caulked system as  well as a rainscreen caulkless system. SAF’s advantage is its positioning as a distributor, fabricator and finisher.

64 Metals
A manufacturer of metal roofing and siding, 64 Metals designs, manufactures and builds post-frame buildings.

VicWest’s newest most advanced solution for an exterior wall system displays strength, versatility and attractive design. Accuwall features a concealed fastener system for visual appeal and composite strength. This product has resilient steel facings and a solid, energy-efficient closed cell insulation core. Accuwall is trouble-free, lightweight and easy to handle and install at the jobsite. Compatible with other building materials, it provides flexible design freedom and it can be installed in horizontal and vertical applications.

Weather Guard Building Products
SM-Rib Panels feature matching accessories including gutters, downspouts, soffit and fascia. The 3/4-inch ribs have stiffening beads for excellent spanning abilities and an anti-siphon channel provides weather-tightness. PBR Panels offer matching gutters, downspouts, soffit and fascia and they come in a variety of colors. Both panel types are custom-cut to length.

Whirlwind Building Components
Whirlwind manufactures a complete line of metal roofing and wall panels for all types of construction needs — commercial, industrial, agricultural, residential, architectural and municipal. More than 20 colors are Energy Star-rated to help save on energy costs. In addition, Whirlwind offers Solar Building Integrated Photovoltaic on standing seam roof systems. BIPV, a fully integrated solar panel, attaches directly to metal panels, eliminating the need for any roof penetration. The system is available in sizes from 1.5 kW to 120 kW, ready for any solar project need.

Wheeling Corrugating
Wheeling Corrugating creates, galvanizes, coats, paints and rollforms finished steel panels and trims. Wheeling’s award-winning product line is presented in plain galvanized or a variety of colors, including 12 cool-roof hues that meet Energy Star specifications for energy efficiency. The exclusive SpectraCote System applies the best finish in the industry, bonded deep into Wheeling steel and backed by a 40-year paint warranty. RB

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