Insulation products

Advanced Foil Systems
The Ontario, Calif., company distributes Lamtec facings in wood roof assemblies. It also is a private label manufacturer of Aluma-Foil radiant barriers for residential installations.

Anco Products
Anco’s Textrafine green building insulation is ideally suited for the builder who requires a high recycled content. Made of recycled long glass fiber bonded in a random orientation by a stable thermosetting resin, this composition passes GreenGuard Children a andd Schools certification for indoor air quality standards. Textrafine is composed of 85 percent recycled fibers which is a contributor to LEED credits.

Applegate Insulation
Applegate manufactures premium cellulose insulation and is renowned for its low dust and outstanding coverage.  Applegate is also well known for its experience, integrity, long-term dedication and the training and assistance offered to customers from six plants nationwide.  Applegate loose-fill is a high-performance insulation for walls, attics, floors and retrofits. Applegate Stabilized Cellulose contains dry adhesive that, when activated, locks in place and virtually eliminates settling and may be used in walls attics and floors.

Bay Insulation
With 24 full service plants nationwide, Bay Insulation is among the largest suppliers of insulation for the post-frame industry. Products include custom faced fiberglass, unfaced fiberglass up to 96 inches wide, TVM radiant barrier, Thermax rigid insulation and Bay’s own EXPI line of fire rated/high security walk-doors.

Conklin Products
Conklin produces insulated roofing systems incorporating high-density sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam with R-factor 7 per inch. This closed cell foam is coated with premium two-coat acrylic (BenchMark) or with a one-coat urethane-modified acrylic (PUMA). Conklin also markets lightweight foam for interior surfaces with the same R-factor.

Convenience Products
Touch’n Seal spray polyurethane foam kits are portable, disposable and self-contained. Touch’n Seal is ideal for total coverage or flash and batt applications when optimum R-value is desired. Kits are available from 15 to 600 board feet, average 7.12 R-value, with a 90 percent closed cell content. High and low density and fire retardant formulas are available.

Dow Building Solutions
On new buildings or in retrofit applications, Thermax White Finish insulation  enhances energy efficiency and protects against moisture. Thermax White Finish delivers an R-value of 6.5 at one inch. The rigid boards install quickly and easily, and durable acrylic facers withstand high-pressure cleaning. The white, Thermax White Finish also complies with fire-performance codes.

Energy Craft Systems
Energy Craft Systems is the low-rise non-residential industry’s first source of integrated energy conservation products with professional installation services. Products include the high R-value Systera-Insulation System that encapsulates the purlins, ready-to-run heating, air conditioning and ventilation appliances, and high efficiency and high-bay lighting fixtures. Premier services offered include design/build services to building contractors, installation flexibility to install before or after the erector is finished sheeting the buildings, and HVAC appliance and lighting installation.

Environmentally Safe Products
Many products lay claim to energy conservation, but none with all the advantages of Low-E Insulation. Its non-toxic, polyethylene closed cell foam and aluminum design make Low-E resistant to the transfer of heat through convection, conduction and radiation. Low-E products are easy to work with, versatile and superior in energy efficiency, making them one of the best investments for residential and commercial applications.

Fi-Foil Company
Fi-Foil’s RBI Shield is a multi-purpose reflective insulation for use in agricultural applications. RBI Shield is available in both single bubble and double bubble with two options of facings: foil on both sides or foil on one side and white polyethylene on the other. RBI Shield is also available with an integrated tape tab to eliminate taping seams. RBI Shield is an excellent vapor barrier. Its superior thermal performance is based on reflecting 97 percent of radiant heat,  reducing animal mortality rate, decreasing operating costs, improving lighting, no itchy fibers and it’s lightweight and safe for easy installation.

Icynene Inc.
Icynene is an open-cell spray foam insulation and air barrier system that expands to fill all cavities in the walls, ceilings, attics and floors.  Icynene provides improved energy efficiency, advanced moisture control and healthy indoor air quality in one step. Containing no HFCs or PBCEs, Icynene is 100 percent water-blown. It does not off-gas over time, maintaining its original R-value for the life of the building while making the building healthier, quieter and more energy efficient.

Innovative Energy
Innovative Energy carries many reflective and radiant barrier products that help reduce energy costs. The products’ facers reflect radiant heat by 95 percent or more. Heat transfer is kept to a minimum, making interior comfort levels easier to maintain while reducing the workload for cooling units. Reflective products, easy and safe to install and offered in many sizes and structures, decrease interior lighting requirements as much as 35 percent.

Insulation Solutions Inc.
Space Age from Insulation Solutions, Inc. is a lightweight reflective bubble insulation that creates a vapor and radiant barrier while boosting the R-value of any wall, floor or roof system. Unlike some mass insulations, Space Age is completely pliable and contains no itchy or harmful fibers. It is available with a reflective surface on one side and a white poly surface on the other (WBBF), or with reflective surfaces on both sides (FBBF). Space Age boasts high reflectivity, blocking 97 percent of radiant heat when facing an air space. It’s safe, clean, non-carcinogenic, lightweight, compact, tough, fire resisistant and easy to install.

JNJ Building Supplies
The company’s line of insulation products includes in-stock 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-foot rolls of six R-19, 1 ½-inch R-board in stock, white double bubble condensation barrier, 2-inch white bird-proof backed insulation and a full line of poly products.

Northwestern Ohio Foam Products manufactures high performance reflective foil insulation and under concrete insulation for commercial, agricultural and residential construction. NOFP’s broad product line provides energy efficient and green building solutions for every insulation requirement, from insulating a new metal building or post-frame building to insulating beneath concrete for radiant heated slabs. NOFP’s new 3/4-inch BarrierXT under-concrete insulation is a 4-foot by 60-foot roll of flexible EPS foam used for radiant heated floor and goes directly on the grade. Great replacement for rigid sheet insulation, it’s flexible and won’t break when walked on. It also has 3 mil poly film layers laminated to the top and bottom so it doubles as a vapor barrier.

P2000 Insulation Systems
An EPS foam board insulation with a special reflective film, P2000 stops cold, heat, wind and moisture. It’s perfect for agriculture, residential, commercial, industrial and concrete applications. It also acts as a vapor barrier, making it an all-weather guard in one product.

This multi-layer reflective insulation comes in rolls consisting of a variety of widths and lengths for use in both specialty and standard construction projects. Two outer layers of aluminum foil reflect 97 percent of radiant heat. Each layer is bonded to a tough layer of polyethylene for strength. Inner layers of bubble-pack resist conductive heat flow while a center layer of polyethylene adds strength.

Reflectix Inc.
Reflectix is an aluminum foil-faced bubble pack insulation. It is an environmentally-friendly, fiber-free, easy-to-use and non-toxic material. The material is 5/16-inch thick and made of aluminum and polyethylene bubble pack. It is used in the post-frame, metal buildings and commercial/residential, HVAC/R and packaging industries. 

Rmax Inc.
Rmax produces rigid polyisocyanurate foam insulation with the highest R-value per inch of any insulation product commonly available. It is the preferred choice by homeowners because it keeps energy costs down while keeping families more comfortable. Rmax offers a wide variety of standard, specialty and roofing products, making it the ideal one-stop source for insulating needs.

Resisto, a division of Soprema Inc., is a leading manufacturer of reflective insulation products.  Products available include double bubble (5/16-inch) and single bubble (1/4-inch) with foil on both sides or one side.  All products are available in various widths up to 98 inches wide and custom lengths. Ayr-Foil products are specially designed for post-frame and metal buildings, metal roofing and HVAC applications.

Reward Wall Systems
From foundation to finish, iForm and eForm insulating concrete forms help builders get the job done faster and more economically. Reward walls provide homeowners with structures that are energy efficient, stand up to hurricanes and tornadoes and block outside noise, dust and allergens. For builders, Reward Wall Systems leads the ICF industry in quality customer service and support by providing comprehensive installation manuals, ICF-designed floor plans and the training and technical support needed to make Reward-built projects go smoothly the first time and every time.

STS Coatings
Heatbloc 75 is a spray applied radiant barrier product with an E factor of .25 resulting in a blocking of 75 percent of the radiant heat trying to enter a building. This results in a home that feels more comfortable to be in, and saves on energy consumption for cooling and heating. Heatbloc 75 was tested by RIMA and found to be the best performing spray applied radiant barrier on the market. Heatbloc can be installed very cost effectively in most homes and results in years of increased comfort and energy savings.

Therm-All Insulation
This Ohio company offers nationwide distribution on insulation products and systems, labor-saving pre-assembled doors and innovations for metal buildings. Therm-All has 10 locations throughout the country.

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