SIPs, ICFs and insulation options

ACH Foam Technologies — ACH Foam Technologies’ R-Control Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) consist of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation laminated between sheets of structural sheathing. SIPs, used for over 30 years in residential and commercial projects for their high R-Value, have superior strength and are quick and easy to install. ACH Foam Technologies provides products for construction, geotechnical, packaging, and industrial applications. With locations throughout the U.S., ACH offers solutions for its customers. See story on Page 26.

Arxx — Arxx is a leading supplier of Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) for green, energy-efficient residential and commercial construction. Arxx products have been used in over 100,000 projects including numerous LEED projects, homes, schools, hotels and more.

Cornell Corporation — Cornell specializes in building envelope insulation products that fit outside the structural roof deck or wall assembly and retard thermal shorting, moisture and mold formation. Vent-Top ThermaCal Ventilated Roof Insulation for vaulted ceiling and conditioned attic space applications attaches to wood, metal, or concrete roof decks. New ThermaCalWall External Wall Insulation attaches to the outside of wood, metal or concrete walls with nailable OSB base for siding. ThermaRim Insulated Rim Board is APA-rated rim board with sandwich of polyiso foam and OSB.
Enercept — The builders’ choice for structural insulated panels for a long time, Enercept makes a superior SIP that is fully customized to project specifications. Enercept was the original patent holder for its electrical chase system and thermally broken connecting posts. A six-step process helps building projects flow more quickly and smoothly, making it easier to build more homes per season. Enercept makes basement, wall, roof and floor panels for all applications.

Energy Panel Structures — A Solid Core panel roof using a glulam truss system with 12-foot on-center bays can clear span up to 120 feet, with no exposed fasteners or connection plates. Panel sidewall heights can span from 4 to 27 feet. Panels come with factory installed vertical and horizontal chases for electrical wiring. They are machined to accept two 2×4 studs, allowing for foam-to-foam contact with no thermal breaks. Optional R-26 or R-33 insulated panels over a truss system are available.
Innovative Insulation Inc. — According to Texas A&M and U.S. Department of Energy, adding radiant barrier can be more efficient than upgrading to more insulation. Radiant barrier can be used as a housewrap, roof underlayment, attic insulation and under radiant floors. By reflecting 97 percent of the radiant heat, the structure is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. If adding radiant barrier to R19 is more efficient than R30 for many climates, imagine the savings that could be realized.

Insulation Solutions, Inc. — Insulation Solutions creates insulation, building products and accessories for a variety of industries. The design and ingenuity of these products reflect the mission: to change everyday building challenges into practical solutions using science, research and technology. Solutions that help create and sustain energy efficient and weather protected homes and buildings are found in brands such as Insul-Tarp under slab insulation, Viper VaporCheck vapor barriers, Space Age reflective insulation, Radiant Shield Barriers, Wraptor Houe Wrap, Proof Underlayment, Insul-Lite recessed light cover, The Shoot and others. — Insulating duct work is an energy saving option that can increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.  Reflective foil insulation provides a radiant barrier that reflects radiant heat back into the duct in the winter or keeps heat out while using air conditioning in the summer.

Insulspan — Because Insulspan is a single source supplier, its insulating products are designed and fabricated to work together to meet building needs.  Insulspan ready-to-assemble SIP and ICF packages arrive with panels cut to design specifications, openings pre-cut and finished with window and door bucks, wire chases precut in the panels and, where possible, panel-to-panel connections inserted, saving valuable time and reducing job site waste. Warranty approved fasteners, sealants, and panel sealing tape are also included.

IntegraSpec ICF — IntegraSpec sets industry standards, reducing air leakage and thermal mass, major energy efficiency components. Custom Ontario home received EnerQuality R-2000 Environmental Excellence Award with .55 air leakage rate (50 Pascal differential). Dovetailed grooves inside IntegraSpec ensure continual contact between EPS panels and concrete, assisting high energy performance. IntegraSpec eliminates mold, mildew and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in traditional construction. These earned the Health Home Award and National Efficiency Award.

Lite-Form Technologies — Lite-Form Technologies manufactures innovative ICF products for the residential and commercial construction industry. ICF lines include Flexx-Block wall system, which inherits Lite-Form’s patented hinge tie and allows the blocks to fold down flat, reducing shipping costs by 50 percent. Lite-Form also manufactures and distributes Lite-Deck, the insulating concrete form for cast-in-place elevated concrete floors, roofs and decks. The alternative Lite-Deck Tilt uses the same technology for site-casting insulated panels for tilt-up applications and site-cast roof panels.

Lo/Mit — Lo/Mit Interior Radiation Control Coating (Radiant Barrier Coating) is an energy saving technology that controls heat absorption in the attic by reflecting the solar radiation trying to penetrate the roof. Its superb ability to reflect heat (infrared radiation) makes it an excellent low-cost substitute for foil products and is easily spray-applied in new construction or retrofits. Lo/Mit, a proven energy saver since 1986, lowers AC bills 8-15 percent or more and is moisture permeable.

MFM Building Products — MFM SubSeal is a tough, multi layer, self-stick waterproofing membrane that adheres directly to the high-density foam used for Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). SubSeal uses a special rubberized asphalt adhesive that self-seals around fasteners and sticks aggressively to many common building materials including wood, metal and masonry. SubSeal prevents costly damage from water penetration. Circle 128 for a free product sample.

MWI Components — MWI offers safe, easy-to-use thermal insulating materials that provide cost-effective, high-efficiency performance for a wide range of applications. TempShield is a technologically advanced insulation material for new construction or retrofit installation in residential, commercial, industrial, metal and post-frame buildings. MWI products are recognized for thermal performance, easy installation, versatility, price and environmental friendliness. TempShield insulation consists of one or two layers of Barrier Bubble air cellular material laminated between layers of aluminum foil. MWI also offers a Class A / Class 1 fire rating on its white poly/foil insulation, available in standard widths of 48 inches and special order widths up to 120 inches.

NOFP — Northwestern Ohio Foam Products makes reflective foil insulation and under-concrete insulation for commercial, agricultural and residential uses, providing energy efficient, green solutions for metal or post-frame buildings, and under concrete for radiant heated slabs. RigidBoard, used where higher R-values are needed, has EPS foam core with reflective foil. Barrier, BarrierXT and BarrierX5 are roll- out EPS foam products with moisture barriers laminated to both sides. MicroLT is an economical alternative to MicroFoil but with similar characteristics.

Premier Building Systems SIPs — Premier’s structural insulated panels (SIPs) provide an environmentally friendly advanced building alternative to traditional stick-built framing.  They are strong, straight and predictable for wall, roof and floor construction.  The large-section panels install fast, helping reduce building cycle time and jobsite labor.  Premier SIPs provide superior insulating values to help reduce heating and cooling use up to 60 percent, and also help reduce jobsite waste up to two-thirds.

Reflectix — Reflectix specializes in double and single reflective insulation (double sided reflective and reflective/white) products. Offerings include a large variety of widths and lengths to meet the specifications for any job. Reflectix Insulation is designed for both new and retrofit installations in metal and post-frame buildings, wall and roof assemblies.

rFoil – rFoil 286 Reflective Insulation is patented and specifically designed for applications for exposed insulation. Its unique construction is designed to reduce radiant heat gain or loss in pre-engineered steel buildings, post-frame/pole barns, agricultural buildings, residential metal roofs, mini storage and livestock confinement. Benefits of rFoil: blocks 97 percent of radiant heat transfer; prevents interior condensation; Class 1/ Class A fire rated; passes NFPA 286 full-room corner burn test; UV-protected white facing.

Structural Insulated Panel Assn. — SIPA is a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators/distributors, design professionals and builders committed to providing structural insulated panels for all segments of the construction industry.

Soprema — Colphene ICF, by Soprema, is a high quality self-adhesive waterproofing membrane composed of SBS modified bitumen and tri-laminate woven polyethylene for flexibility and strength. Ideal for application on ICF formwork systems or extruded polystyrene substrates, it also has these qualities: Quick, easy-to-remove silicone release film; consistent thickness; high tensile strength; high puncture resistance; pre-cut rolls available; 100 percent UV protected.

Superior Walls of America — Environmentally-friendly pre-cast concrete foundations from Superior Walls have earned  the NAHB Green Approved Product designation for foundation systems. Constructed in a factory-controlled setting, the insulated panels are custom-designed to complement any architectural style. The damp-proof walls are installed by certified installation teams, typically in one day or less.

TekSupply — TekFoil Reflective Insulation and Handi-Foam Spray Foams insulate homes, barns, warehouses, greenhouses and more. TekFoil Reflective Insulation reduces radiant heat transfer across open spaces, keeping BTUs outside in the summer and inside in the winter. Handi-Foam Spray Foams fill and insulate large voids and surfaces to provide excellent insulation and sound-deadening properties, while saving enrgy and property owners’ money.

Thermafiber — Thermafiber Sound Attenuation Fire Blankets (SAFB) are mineral wool batts designed to stop sound, save energy and provide life-saving fire protection in commercial and residential applications. Products are noncombustible, moisture-resistant, noncorrosive, nondeteriorating, and mildew-proof. SAFBs resist temperatures over 2000°F and add STCs to wall and floor-ceiling assemblies.

Thermal Design — Thermal Design’s Simple Saver System is a high performance insulation and finishing system designed for roof and walls in non-residential buildings (new or retrofit). The patented fall protection system provides safety to the installers and yields the designed insulation values with minimal insulation compression. Once installed, the Simple Saver System provides an instant and economical interior finish with exceptional acoustics and enhanced light reflectivity. A free comparative building analysis is available through Thermal Design.

TVM Reflective Insulation — TVM Reflective Insulation can dramatically reduce overall heat transfer through a building envelope. Because the majority of heat is radiant, it makes sense to use an insulation that reflects 96 percent of that radiant heat. Traditional types of insulation such as fiberglass, foam and cellulose are effective insulators against convectional and conductive heat transfer. If 75 percent of heat loss or gain is radiant, TVM says it makes sense to use insulation that reduces radiant heat gain or loss by 96 percent.

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