RB September 2013

/Rural Builder - September 2013 CoverThe September 2013 Issue of Rural Builder looks at the pros and cons of being a contractor/dealer.

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Business Truisms that aren’t true

Ideas that seem reasonable, but aren’t – By John Graham – Some business ideas seem to have a life of their own, particularly since they sound so reasonable. They’re so much a part of the culture and so obvious that they go unchallenged. Once unmasked, they’re revealed to be what they...

METALCON International makes metal first in construction

METALCON offers the latest equipment, materials, tools, software, accessories, technology and expertise to complete each stage of construction with metal. Now in its 23rd year, METALCON remains the only annual event for every type of metal construction need. The METALCON 2013 theme – EVOLVE – reflects how this major event and...

Money Talk: The not-so-Affordable Care Act

The Employer Mandate has been delayed, so now what? By Mark Battersby – Lawmakers are attempting to repeal it, businesses are suing to prevent its implementation, and local governments and unions continue their efforts to be exempted from the massive, and controversial, “Affordable Care Act” (ACA), the health care “reforms” enacted...