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HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System. An Illinois startup company has an efficient solution to commercial and residential roof edge ice problems, with a system that equals the performance of the most effective systems on the market, yet costs far less to purchase, install and operate.

Introduced this year at the International Builders Show, the new, patent-pending HotEdge Roof Ice Melt System takes a new approach by incorporating standard UL-approved 12W self-regulating ice melt cable with a specially-engineered, low-profile metal raceway.

Designed to firmly press the cable against the existing roof edge, the system creates a warm surface to prevent snowmelt from refreezing before it drains to ground level.  Because HotEdge requires just a fraction of the electrical cable used in competing systems, homeowners and businesses benefit from premium performance in a less expensive option that conserves energy, year after year. 

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Bio-Microbics S.O.S. Program.  The new S.O.S.-Save Our Septic Prevention-Remediation Program from Bio-Microbics offers the tools to help identify, educate, and give peace of mind to homeowners of failing septic systems and to prevent future failures. 

As a low cost solution to failed drain fields, soggy lawns, foul odors and plumbing back-ups, Bio-Microbics RetroFAST system can immediately improve a biologically failed drain field and remediates most septic system failures by producing high levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) that promotes the growth of more efficient aerobic bacteria in the septic tank.

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