What’s your strategy?

The folks who live in this world — that is, the rural building and post-frame construction industry — are some very positive people. A general sentiment among some people we’ve talked to recently is, "We will simply not participate in negative talk about the economy. We are NOT taking part in a recession."

We admire that attitude and we’d like to help spread that message.

So, we ask:  What is your business doing to help ensure that you will make it through these difficult economic times?

Rural Builder and Frame Building News magazines  invite your thoughts, ideas and plans: Share with us, in as few or as many words as you wish, what you are doing to not only survive but also to position your business for the upturn whenever it arrives.

There’s no need to even sign your name, although you may if you wish. We’ll keep that part confidential if you ask us to.  It would be helpful, however, if you just indicate whether you’re a builder, a supplier, a manufacturer, or where you fit into the industry.

To respond, e-mail the editor: renee.russell@fwmedia.com

We’ll share some of the best responses and ideas in future issues.

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