Recycle that used motor oil

Take 2,000 gallons of used motor oil each year. Recycle it with an on-site Clean Burn furnace and save $700 per month on natural gas costs. That’s the success story happening at Michigan State University.

“This furnace is a real work horse for us,” according to Mark Collins, farm manager at MSU. “We gather all the used motor oil from our farming equipment, university vehicles and landscaping equipment. Once recycled through the Clean Burn unit we can heat our shop along with the office and conference room complex.”

To maximize the use of the furnace, Collins moves the unit every March to another building to heat 6,000 square feet of space for a trade show. “The Michigan Sod Growers Association purchased and donated this furnace to the university almost three years ago,” says Collins. “Prior to that we were paying an outside source to pump and remove 2,000 gallons of used oil each year.

“Overall, we believe the recycling effort saves us more than $7,000 each year on energy costs.”
Industries saving on energy costs by using Clean Burn systems include farms and agri-businesses, excavation and mining companies, recycling and salvage facilities, car dealerships, car washes, tire and quick lube centers, construction companies, auto service and repair facilities and fleet operation centers.

“With more than 5,000 acres to maintain on campus, we’re exceptionally pleased to be able to recycle the used motor oil in our equipment and vehicles for a positive environmental impact,” says Collins.
Clean Burn is an Energy Star partner.

For information, visit or call 1-800-331-0183.

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