RIMA-I Handbook Update Available

In ongoing efforts to provide reliable and helpful information on the reflective insulation, radiant barrier and interior radiation control coatings (IRCCs) industries, the Reflective INsulation Manufacturers Association International has just released the 2014 update to their handbook, “Understanding and Using Reflective Insulation, Radiant Barrier and Interior Radiation Control Coatings.”

This is the third update to this publication. The original version of the handbook was introduced to the public in November of 1999. Its issuance was a major milestone for the reflective insulation and radiant barrier industries as this type of manual and the detailed information therein were previously nonexistent.

RIMAHandbook.jpgSince its initial issue, the manual has been widely distributed and well received, facilitating industry understanding and standardizing industry terms and definitions. New content has been added and the artwork has been enhanced to make it a more informative and useful guide for those seeking a thorough understanding of the industries RIMA-I represents. The handbook is designed to provide users with a working knowledge of the effective use of reflective insulation, radiant barrier systems and interior radiation control coatings. Readers will realize the concept of reflective insulation and understand a reflective insulation system; discover the physics of radiant barriers and interior radiation control coatings; learn about the different materials, applications and installation procedures and the differences between technologies and much more.

The complete handbook can be downloaded from the association website at www.rimainternational.org under ‘Technical Info”. There you will also find several other resources including our technical bulletins, training presentation, our coatings study, our library of articles and more. Check out the full website for information on our Verified Member Products, our new Ask the Expert service, the Association, our officers and member lists and upcoming association events and activities.

The Reflective Insulation Manufacturer’s Association International is a non-profit association comprised of dedicated individuals working together to propagate the research, knowledge and use of reflective insulation, radiant barriers and interior radiation control coatings. For additional information, please contact Executive Director Mary Edmondson at 800/279-4123.

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