Ron Sutton receives Perkins Award

At the 2014 Frame Building Expo in Nashville, the NFBA presented the distinguished Bernon G. Perkins Award to Ron Sutton of Morton Buildings. The award, given annually to an outstanding industry professional, was named after the man who furthered the pole building’s evolution from a temporary structure into a long-lasting one. The award is among NFBA’s highest honors.


Ron Sutton

Sutton, licensed as a professional engineer in 42 states, is co-chair of the NFBA Technical and Research Committee, sharing responsibility for overseeing the general work assigned to the committee. This work includes identifying technical issues facing the post-frame industry, establishing the technical research agenda, and recommending standards for the post-frame industry.

On the T&R Committee, Sutton coordinated the testing of NFBA’s 1-hour-rated fire-wall assembly and served on the task force that worked on the 3-hour fire-wall assembly. He currently chairs the committee’s task force on insurance industry guidelines. Besides serving on NFBA’s Editorial Review Committee for Frame Building News since the magazine’s beginning, he has contributed to a number of NFBA’s publications, including its Post-Frame Building Design Manual. In 2003 he received the Rural Builder Hall of Fame Award.

“I would like to personally congratulate Ron on achieving the Perkins Award,” said NFBA board chair Rick Hess. “Ron has given his time and expertise to the post-frame industry for many years. As co-chair of the T&R Committee, he helps lead that group in promoting the industry. He has earned this prestigious award through all of his efforts. Thanks, Ron!”

Andy Williams, NFBA’s technical director, said of Sutton: “Ron’s passion about post-frame construction is apparent each time we discuss one of the T&R Committee projects. He is constantly ensuring that all aspects of a problem are evaluated and that the final project results show post-frame construction in the best possible light.”

“Ron is able to convey a clear and concise plan of action for the broad range of projects that are handled by the committee,” Williams continued. “From seismic design to the field use of engineering and construction details, Ron has a wealth of experience that he draws on to make sure a project is correctly executed. I find his knowledge level—and understanding of how post-frame construction interfaces with the ‘real world’—to be of tremendous help in identifying which areas of the post-frame market deserve emphasis.”

NFBA congratulates Ron Sutton and thanks him for his dedication to the advancement and integrity of the post-frame industry. FBN

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